How to get to Campus Rauland

Rauland is located in Vinje municipality, midway between Oslo and Bergen.

Car and parking

By car follow the European route E134 to Åmot in Vinje and proceed on county road 37 to Rauland. There is parking on the spot.


The express bus «Haukeliekspressen» from Oslo to Bergen/Haugesund stops in Åmot in Vinje. From Åmot there is bus service to Rauland and campus.

«Haukeliekspressen» also corresponds with bus routes from Vestfold via Porsgrunn/Skien and with bus routes to Setesdal/Kristiansand.


The nearest train station is Bø Station. Bø is located along the railway line «Sørlandsbanen» with only two hours travel time to Oslo and two and a half to Kristiansand. Bus with «Haukeliekspressen» from Bø to Rauland takes about two hours.