Arild Schou


USN School of Business
Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences
Campus Drammen (6410)
A variety of positions and assignments since 1996 have resulted in a broad and in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge of conflict-management, ethnicity, governance and organisation and management - with particular emphasis on local government. His geographical areas competance include Palestine, Malawi, Nepal and the Philippines. Have been in charge of a series of research and development projects on local government planning, implementation of HIV/AIDS programmes administration and management in African countries, in particularly Malawi, and have published widely in peer-reviewed academic journals. Substantial knowledge and experience in policy evaluation and performance appraisal as leader/member of international evaluation mission teams and have been working for the World Bank and OECD. Professor Schou is a well experienced project leader, several times for NFR projects. Presently he is leading research evaluation of the Norwegian Coordination Reform funded by NFR