Audhild Lindheim Kennedy

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Culture, Religion and Social Studies
Campus Notodden (S-434)
I am currently carrying out my PhD research in the world heritage area of Rjukan - Notodden. In my research I am studying the implementation of a newly developed curriculum for Pre-Schools to the end of High School. This curriculum focus on how to teach in and about world heritage in a world heritage status area. I have called my project: The Obligation in the Gift. A study of the implementation process of a local curriculum in the World Heritage area of Rjukan -- Notodden.



  • ​autumn 2018: MG1SA1, SAM503
  • spring 2019: SAM504
  • autumn 2019: MG1SA1, MG2SA2, SAM504
  • spring 2020; SAM504 


  • place
  • cultural heritage
  • world heritage
  • kinship. social relations, adoption, kinning, notions of destiny and caste in India
  • Regional areas: India, Ghana, Singapore, Australia, Norge


Cand. Polit. (M.Phil) in Social Anthropology, Department of Social Anthropology, University of Oslo (2007) Name of thesis: Born of my Heart. A study of Unrelated Adoption in Delhi.

The thesis was awarded the price of excellence by the Asia Network group in Norway 
Asianettverkets pris for beste master/hovedfagsoppgave i 2007


2020 "Being Human: Or How to Balanse Research and Friendship in Fieldwork" Paper presentation at the 4th ECIQ. European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, organised by L-Università ta' Malta og Ku Leuven, Malta

2019 "Gendered Heritage? The tale of Industrial Heritage in the town of Notodden, Norway" Paper presentation at the conference: 9th NCCP. Nordic Conference for Cultural Policy Research, arrangert av Bifröst University, Bifröst, Iceland.

2019 "Place-based learning, place narratives and notions of identity and gender in a World Heritage site" Paper presentation at the conference: 8th Nordic ISCAR. Nordic Conference on Cultural Activity Research, organised by the Activity Theory Group, the Norwegian University of SCience and Technology, NTNU, Norway.

2019 "Gendered Places, Gendered Learning" Paper presentation at the conference: Geographies of Gender: An Interdisciplinary Conference, organised by Centre for Gender Studies, University of Winchester, UK.

2018 "Mellom læring og forskning: Steds narrativer i det pedagogiske formidlingstilbudet om Verdensarven på Rjukan – Notodden" a conference organised by: The National Network for the Social Sciences in Norwegian Teachers Education, at USN, Drammen. Paper presentation in the work group, Sted og region som utgangspunkt og mål for undervisning: Muligheter og utfordringer.

2009 “Adopsjonsskildringer fra Delhi” and “Ulykksalige kvinner”. Ønskebarn, vol. 2 (the memebership magazin the NGO for the involuntary infertile and adoption parents in Norway).
Article and interview with regards to my M.Phil thesis.

2008 “Skjebnefellesskap”. The Norwegian Anthropological Associaton's yearly conference (NAF) 2008, “Forestillinger om fellesskap”.
Paper in the workshop Nye religiøse fellesskap.

2007 “Born of my Heart: A Study of the Process of Unrelated Adoption in Delhi”. M.Phil thesis(cand. polit.) i sosialantropologi.

2007 “Hemmeligheter i Delhi”, article in Jordens folk:
Hemmeligheder (Danish ethnografic journal), nr.4: årgang 42.

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Paper in the workshop: Kjønn, makt og handlingsrom.

2006 “Født av skjebnen. En kulturell elaborering av ikke-relatert adopsjon i Delhi”, article in Betwixt and Between
(The Master students journal in social anthropologi at University of Oslo).

2004 “Divine Adopsjon”, article in Betwixt and Between
(The Master students journal in social anthropologi at University of Oslo).

2004 “Nasjonal adopsjon i India – om substans, ‘nurture’ og slektskap”. The Norwegian Anthropological Associaton's yearly conference (NAF) 2004, “Endring, flyt
og forankring”.
Paper in the workshop: Former for sosial forankring.