Bengt Roland Hellberg

Associate Professor

USN School of Business
Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences
Campus Kongsberg (5349)
Employed at the Business school since 2014. I have long experience from academia as a teacher, supervisor and researcher in subjects related to industrial management. Mainly within the cross-disciplined and applied subjects such as global operations, strategy, competitive advantages, supply chain, sourcing, inventory and production control, lean, transportation, organization, business development, change management, business administration, innovation, project, quality, B2B marketing, new economies (sharing, platform, gig, and circular), ethics, sustainability and environment. In addition, I have 20 years of practical experience from industry as head / top manager.


Program and specialization responsibilities

  • Programkoordinator for Master in Innovation and Technology Management (ITM)
  • Responsible for the specialization in industrial management for the economics students within the Master's program in Economics and Management

Course responsibility (including teaching and examiner) at Master’s level:

  • Fundamentals in Industrial Management (7.5 credits)

Supervision at Master's level:

Supervisor and internal sensor for Pre-project (7.5 credits) and Master's theses (30 credits) related to industrial management issues. Mainly in areas such as Supply Chain Management, Supplier Relationships, Innovation, Environment and Sustainability, Project Management, Efficiency / Profitability / KPI, and Quality Operations and Management, New Economies related to Supply Chain activities, etc.

Owners of the document: "Guidance for Master's thesis in Industrial Economics - academic year 202x / xx" (annual update)

Involved in (former course responsible):

  • Systems Supportability and Logistics (7.5 credits)
  • Project Management of Complex Systems (7.5 credits)
  • Global Business Innovation (7.5 credits)
  • Management of Quality enhancement and continuous improvement (EVU, 15 credits)
  • Purchasing and Supply Chain Management (bachelor)
  • Total Quality Management (bachelor, not course responsible)
  • Logistics and Management Science (bachelor)

Assignments (examples):

2019 - Member of Scientific Committee at NOFOMA, Member of Award Committee for Best PhD in Industrial Management within ScAIEM

2017 - Member of the Working Group for Concept Development for 2-year Master's Degree (Innovation and Technology Management), USN

2014 - Opponent at PhD dissertation, University of Linköping

2104 - Head of Review Committee - position in industrial management within USN (HBV)



I have been working with logistics and industrial management for almost 40 years, either as an academic or as an industry manager - so I have a very broad background.

I have taught, been course responsible, examiner, national responsible for logistics education (at BI), represented Norway within the Council of Logistics Management (CLM), wrote own textbooks and authored book chapter in others' textbooks, supervised Bachelor, Master and PhD students, been opponent on Licentiate and PhD dissertations, been member of scientific committees at e.g. NOFOMA and ScAIEM, evaluated articles for international conferences and scientific journals, etc.

My special areas in somewhat falling priority;

1. Supply Chain & Logistics overall and within this subject areas like; strategy, management, organization, logistic efficiency / profitability / tied up capital, change management and development, internationalization, supply chain management (SCM), as well as focus areas like;

  • Production Planning / Control; Planning hierarchy, forecasts, MRP, JIT / Kanban - Lean, OPT, Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM)
  • Warehousing; Location, warehouse layout, inventory management, picking, packing, packaging, queue issues
  • Transport; transport management, route planning, 3 parts logistics
  • Procurement; buy / make decision, supplier's choice / evaluation, sourcing strategy, supplier relationships, negotiations, contracts, public procurement, etc.

2. Supplier involved innovation - What gains can be achieved and what hinders the supplier's involvement of innovation? How to act to create effective cooperative relationships?

3. Global Supply Chain Design - Evaluation of Joint Venture and other forms of long-term cooperation.

4. Environmental Impacts and Sustainable Logistics Solutions - Environmental, Safety and economic benefits using mixed loading transport solutions of a municipality, City Logistics, Packaging options, Plastic in the sea, Measures to reduce environmental impact, ...

5. Innovation - What distinguishes innovative environments and how can they be created?

6. Project Management - How to handle major discrepancies in complex projects?

7. Quality management - Quality management and methods / tools to ensure the right quality.

8. Industrial management; strategy, positioning, business idea, financial management models and tools, product / project calculation, Activity Based Costing, cost allocation / profitability, Balanced Scorecard, KPI, pricing of logistics services, effects of new economies, etc.

9. GIS & Positioning, etc. - Use of tools for safer and more efficient logistics solutions

There are even more related subjects that I either researched, taught, supervised master / doctoral thesis within or work with (in industry).



Previous employments           

2018 -           Temporary teacher and supervisor at MDH.

2010 - 2013  Lecturer, Department of Industrial Economy / Researcher, CLIP - Centre for Logistics and Innovative Production, University of Gävle. Research and teaching in the logistics and industrial management area. Supervising PhD student and supervise / examiner for several theses on C and D level. Engaged in collaborative projects with industry in the region of Gävleborg.                                                     

2002 - 2003  Facilitator research activities and additional supervisor for PhD students, University of Örebro, (20%, in parallel with work at Sweden Post).                      

2001 - 2009  Head of Market and Service Development, International Mail, Posten AB. Responsible for the Sweden Posts all letters and private parcels services to and from abroad, with annual sales of SEK 1.4-1.6 billion. Fully staffing, profitability and financial responsibility.

1993 - 2001  Managing Director, Sentraldistribusjon ANS, (Norway's second largest book distributor at that time). Fully responsible for leading and developing the book distribution business in Norway. Permanent number of employees around 60, Turnover NOK 45 mill. Billed book sales NOK 400 million, (year 2000).

1991 - 1993  Logistics Manager, Linjegods A/S (Norway's largest general cargo company, now named DB Schenker Norway). My work tasks include creation efficient solutions and offerings to large customers, "optimize" the Norwegian terminal structure, international projects with Deutsche Paket Dienst and Scansped.

1989 - 1990  Consultant, Habberstad - Scandinavian Management Consultants. Example of assignments, Norwegian State Railways with marketing plans (goods), various logistics projects within manufacturing companies. Developed and calculated indicators for productivity in various industries.

1986 - 1990  Ass. Professor, Department of Strategy and Logistics, BI – Norwegian School of Management. Nationally responsible for the logistics education at BI in Norway. Built up a research network in the Nordic countries (NOFOMA) and wrote a couple of textbooks in my field of specialization. Extensive research and publication.

1984 - 1987  Junior lecturer, Department of Logistics, University of Linköping. Started as a research / scholarship, finished as a junior lecturer parallel with ongoing dissertation work. Involved in some research projects on transport and logistics.


Academic degrees              

           2009  Approved Sports Psychological basic course (15 credits), GIH Stockholm.

1993 - 2009 Conducted a number of management training courses and development programs.

1984 - 1992 Doctor of Technology, PhD, specializing in supply of materials/logistics, University of Linköping.                                            

1983 - 1989 Bachelor in Economics, major in Marketing and Management, University of Linköping.                                         

1979 - 1984 Master of Science, Machine engineering, 2 majors in Production and Logistics, University of Linköping.




I have published more than 50 research contributions in international journals, conference pre- / proceedings and other publications, mainly in the period 1988-1993, including;

  • 3 articles in “International Journal of Production Economics”, (ABS: level 3, Norway: level 2)
  • 1 article in “Engineering Costs and Production Economics”, (ABS: level 3, Norway: level 2)
  • 1 article in “The International Journal of Logistics Management”, (ABS: level 1, Norway: level 1)

Link to CRIStin (click here) - overview of registered scientific articles, publications, textbooks, external lectures, etc.