Camilla Groth

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Visual and Performing Arts Education
Campus Notodden (N-014)
Camilla Groth is a visiting associate professor in Arts, Design and Crafts at USN in the period 2018-2020. She is a member of the Embodied Making and Learning Research group EMAL (See also: Currently she is finalising her Post doc research for University of Gothenburg, Sweden. ORCID


Research and support for the research group Embodied making and learning EMAL

Teaching of master students in their research and philosophy of scientific courses


Following a three years apprenticeship in ceramic craft practice, Camilla has been active in the field of ceramics and glass for 26 years, exhibiting both nationally and internationally and with several products launched on the market. Her doctoral study on embodied cognition in design and craft practice contributed to the interdisciplinary Handling Mind Research Project, (2012-2016). Through her doctorate she has built up a theoretical understanding of design and craft thinking, embodied cognition and practice-led research methods. She has published on the subjects of research design, research methods and theory as well as on tactile communication and the transfer of tacit knowledge through embodied teaching. In addition, she has developed research methods on experiential knowledge using video and contextual activity sampling, as well as studied the connection between material interaction and emotions and the role of the body in material manipulation.



2012-2017        DA, Doctor of Arts (with Distinction), Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland. Title of dissertation: Making Sense Through Hands: Design and Craft Practice Analysed as Embodied Cognition.

1999-2001        MA, Royal College of Art, London, UK. Ceramics and Glass.

1996-1999        BAUniversity of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland. Ceramics and Glass.



2018 - 2020      20 ECT University teaching pedagogical training, Aalto University and University of Gothenburg

1998                 Socrates study exchange period at Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Ceramic department.

1994-1996        Art history and Aesthetics. Open University, Helsinki, Finland.

1993-1994        Ceramic craft apprenticeship, Master Daniel König, specializing in woodfirings. Ingarö, Sweden.

1991-1993        Ceramic craft apprenticeship, Master Åke Jernewall, Gamla Stans Krukmakeri, Stockholm, Sweden.

1989 – 1991      Practical aesthetic education, specialized in ceramics. Fredrika Bremer Gymnasium, Stockholm, Sweden.


Swedish (Native), Finnish (Native), English (Proficient), Japanese (Understanding of spoken language)



2019-2020        Post-doctoral position at University of Gothenburg, Sweden.

2018 -               Associate Professor in Art and Craft 20%, USN University of Southeast Norway, Telemark, Norway. Department of Visual    and Performing Arts.



2018                 Post-doctoral Researcher in the Fashion / Textile Futures Research Group, Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and        Architecture, Helsinki, Finland. 10 months.

2017                 Visiting Researcher at USN University of Southeast Norway, Telemark. Department of Visual and Performing Arts, in the        EMAL - Embodied Making and Learning research group. 9 months.

2017                 Project manager of the Art of Research Conference (3 months). Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture,    Helsinki, Finland.

2013 - 2016      Main funded researcher position in the Handling Mind Research Consortium Funded by the Academy of Finland.

1994 -               Camilla Groth Studio – Founder of ceramics and glass design company.

2002 - 2003      Visiting Designer, Gifu Design Council, Japan.

2001                  Designer in Residence Gifu Design Council, Japan.

1999                 Landscape architecture, Public art project, Kotkan Energia, Finland.



SAR                 Society for Artistic Research.

SuoMu             Finnish Association of Design Education

NORDFO        Nordiskt Forum för Forskning och utvecklings-arbete inom utbildning I slöjd.

DRS                 Design Research Society

ORNAMO       Finnish Association of Designers.



Reviewer of Cumulus Conference, 2018, Wuxi, China. Formakademisk JournalMultimodal Technologies and Interaction JournalInternational Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) London, June 23-27, 2018, DRS Design Research Society Conference 2018, RUUKKU: Studies in Artistic Research JournalArt of Research Conference, 29-30 November 2017, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, CERVA conference on Ceramic Values 2017, TECHNE Journal, Craft Research Journal, DRS Design Research Society Conference 2016.




2019                 Organizing committee member of the EKSIG international conference of the DRS Special interest group on experiential          knowledge, 2019, 23-24/9 Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn

2018                 Track Chair and Presenter at the Eksig special interest track: Design Research Society (DRS) Conference 25-28 June, Limerick, Ireland.

2016                 Session Chair and Presenter at the Embodied Making and Learning session, Design Research Society (DRS) Conference 27-30 June, Brighton, UK.

2015                 Invited participation in the Artistic needs and Institutional Desires symposium and round-table discussions on artistic    3- rd cycle education. Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin, 13-15 November.

2014                 Session Chair and Presenter at the Design Research Society Conference, Umeå, Sweden during June 16-19.

2014                 Facilitator of the Art of Research Conference, 26-27 November 2014, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.                               ( 115 Participants.

2001 -               Founding member of Design Migration Association promoting young designers Internationally


Invited lectures and presentations

2018                 Invited lecture: Methods for studying own practice. Centre for studies in practical knowledge. Södertörns University,            Stockholm, Sweden. 14 of November.

2018                 Invited Open lecture: Material Research and New Materiality: What’s the Matter with Art? Lecture and panel discussion    with Dr Tim Smith, at the Aalto Festival Opening, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland, May 17.

2018                 Invited lecture: Embodied Research Methods. University of Southeast Norway, PHD course on artistic research, April 10.

2018                 Invited lecture: Making Sense: Researching making through making. University of Gothenburg, Department of                      Conservation, March 1.

2017                 Invited lecture: Embodied Cognition and Materiality, University of Linköping, Sweden, Nov 15.

2017                 Invited lectureHuman – Material Interaction, Aalto University UWAS course on Design Learning. Dec 4.

2016                 Invited member of public panel discussion on multidisciplinary research during the Aalto University U-create! Seminar,    Helsinki, Nov 2-3. One of 6 members.

2015                 Invited lecture: Practice-led research, in the course Body based practices, Doctoral degree course, Telemark University          College, Bö Campus, Norway. 3 December.

2015                 Invited presentation during the Artistic needs and institutional desires symposium and round-table discussions on artistic 3-rd  cycle education: Researching making through making: the practitioners point of view. Berlin University of the Arts, Berlin,                        13-15 November.

2015                 Invited lecture for Ba students at the Reykjavik school of visual arts: How does the crafts person think through her hands? Iceland. 13 March.

2015                 Invited presentation for Doctoral degree students and collegial teachers and professors, at Architecture departments public     research seminar: Researching practice through practice: the practitioners point of view. Aalto University, Otaniemi                                   Campus. 17 September.

2014                 Invited Artists’ public lecture during the exhibition “Ceramics & Space”, Design Museum, Helsinki. “Taiteilija tutkijana” (The      Artist as Researcher). 9.12.2014


Other Public presentations

2018                 Conference presentation at the Nordic Art’s and Health Conference, November 7th,  Arts Academy of Turku University of                               Applied Sciences, Finland: Human-centered v.s technology-driven smart textiles design processes in the context of                                            prematurely born babies.

2018                 Poster session at the British Association for Music Therapy (BAMT) Conference, Music, Diversity and Wholeness,                                       Barbican, London, 16-18th February: Haptic Art Experiences Described as Vocals, Sounds and Written Words by Deafblind.

2017                 Conference presentation at the SAR International Conference on Artistic ResearchApril 28-29, 2017, Helsinki Finland: In                             dialogue with the material environment: Creativity, materiality and skill.

2016                 Conference presentations at the Make it NOW! Learning, Exploring, Understanding International NordFo-Conference in                                  Rauma, Finland 28-30 September. “Video as a tool for knowing in craft practice” and “Methods for research on experiential                                and embodied knowledge”.

2015                 Seminar Presentation at Learn x Design Conference, Chicago, US, 28 June – 1 July: Design and craft thinking analysed as                              a form of embodied cognition.

2014                 Conference presentation in the Art in Translation conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, September 17-20. “Articulating                                             experiential knowing”.




2016                 Marie Sklodowska- Curie Seal of Excellence

2013                 Finnish Cultural Foundation; Funding for international exhibitions for the Design Migration Association.

2011                 Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland; Exhibition in the Design Museum.

2008                 Finnish Cultural Foundation; Building of ceramic workshop.

2006                 Finnish Cultural Foundation;Design prototype development.

2004                 Good Design Award: “Pokela” recycle clay tableware.

2003                 Arts Promotion Centre, Finland; Exhibition in London, UK.

2002                 Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland; Exhibition.

2001                 Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland; Scholarship for Studies abroad.

2001                 Finnish Cultural Foundation: Scholarship for Studies abroad.

2001                 The Royal Society of Art’s (RSA) 1 price winner of design competition; Student design award; Wedgwood travel award.




Finnish State Art Commission


Doctoral Thesis

Groth, C. (2017) Making sense through hands: Design and craft practice analysed as embodied cognition. Doctoral dissertation, Aalto ARTS Books, Helsinki.


Journal articles

Groth, C. Mäkelä, M. Laakso, H. & Helke, S. (2018). Special issue: Catalyses, Interventions, Transformations. Introduction. Synnyt/Origins Journal, vol 3.

Lahtinen, R., Groth, C. & Palmer, R. (2018). Haptic Art Experiences, Described as Vocals, Sounds and Written Words by Deafblind. Synnyt/Origins Journal, vol 2.

Lahtinen, R., Groth, C. & Palmer, R. (2018). Sound Descriptions of Haptic Experiences of Art Work by Deafblind Cochlear Implant Users. Multimodal Technologies & Interaction. 2, Article: 24.

Niinimäki, K., Kääriäinen, P. & Groth, C. (2018). NEW SILK: Studying experimental touchpoints between material science, synthetic biology, design and art. Temes de Disseny Journal, 34..

Huotilainen, M., Rankanen, M., Groth, C., Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, P. & Mäkelä, M. (2018) .Why our brains love arts and crafts: Implications of creative practices on psychophysical well-being. FORMakademisk Journal, 11 (2).

Groth, C., Mäkelä, M. (2016) The knowing body in material exploration. Studies in Material Thinking14, article 02.

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Groth, C., Mäkelä, M. & Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, P. (2015) Tactile augmentation: A multimethod for capturing experiential knowledge. Craft Research Journal, 6, (1), 57-81.

Groth, C. (2015) Emotions in risk-assessment and decision-making processes during craft practice. Journal of Research Practice, 11, (2) article M5.

Groth, C., Mäkelä, M. & Seitamaa-Hakkarainen, P. (2013) Making Sense - what can we learn from experts of tactile knowledge? FORMakademisk Journal, 6, (2), 1-12. Groth, C. (2001) Fluid Solids. Ceramic Review, March/April, Appendix. Issue 188, pp. 12-13. 

Conference proceedings

Groth, C. & Berg, A. (2018). Co-creation in professional craft practice. Proceedings of Design Research Society Conference 2018, June 25-28, University of Limerick, Ireland. p.1624-1644.

Nimkulrat, N. & Groth, C. (2018). Introduction: Experiential knowledge in collaborative interdisciplinary design research. Proceedings of Design Research Society Conference 2018, June 25-28, University of Limerick, Ireland. p.1548-1550.

Mäkelä, M & Groth, C (2017) In dialogue with the material environment: Creativity, materiality and skill. SAR International Conference on Artistic Research, April 28-29, 2017, Helsinki Finland.

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Public art projects

1999                 Public art piece, “Jatulintarha” 40m x 30m stone labyrinth in the Windmill Park Tuulipuisto, Kotka, Finland.


Recent exhibitions

2015 12-15/3    “Views on Clay” Design Migration group exhibition during “Design March”, Reykjavik townhall, Iceland.

2014                “Ceramics & Space (Keramiikkaa tilassa)” Ornamo group exhibition,

10/10-11/1        at the Helsinki Design Museum.

15-16/10           “Video as a Tool for Knowing in Design and Craft Practice”, Video installation: in ArchinTex, Design Films Series on Embodied Interaction Research Techniques, Department of Industrial Design, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven.

2013                 “Views on Clay” Design Migration group exhibition at the National Craft Gallery, Kilkenny, Ireland

2012                 “Views on Clay” Design Migration group exhibition at the Design Museum, Helsinki.

2010     03/12 - 30/12    ”Some Demos” Design Migration group exhibiton at the TÄKY Galleria, (Finnish arts and crafts gallery) Lappeenranta, Finland.

12/2 – 3/5         "Convergence: Pottery from Studio and Factory." at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Philadelphia, US.     


9/9 - 13/9 and    ”Some Demos”Design Migration group exhibiton at the Habitare Trade fair,

11/9 – 25/10     and Design Forum Finland show room, Helsinki.         


16/4 – 21/4       “House”Design Migration group exhibition at Milan furniture fair, Satellite.

12/9 – 5/10       and Design Forum Finland show room, Helsinki.


15/8 – 26/8       “Esine”Design Migration group exhibition at Ambiente Trade Fair, Frankfurt, Germany

13/2-17/2          and Design Forum Finland show room, Helsinki.


26/2 – 18/3       “Inform” Ornamo group exhibition, Glass bowls at the Design Forum Finland show room, Helsinki.


23/4 - 12/9        “Nordic Cool – hot women designers.” Ceramic work at National museum for women in the arts, Washington, USA.


21/10 – 14/11  “Transformations on tour “ at Iowa State University, USA.

9/10 – 13/10     Ceramic exhibition at Tokyo Designers block 03, Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan.

24/9 – 28/9         “Float” ceramic installation, London Designers Block, London, UK.

18/6 – 4/10         “Transformations” glass installation, Parsons School of Design,

                        New York, USA.

16/1 – 15/3        “Finchin jälkeläiset –Sata vuotta keramiikkaa ja lasia” (After Finch - One hundred years of Ceramics and glass): Ceramic work at the Design Museum, Helsinki.