Cecilie Jurgens

Student Ombudsperson

Department of Personnel and Organisation
Campus Porsgrunn (A-157D)
Student Ombudsperson at the University of South-Eastern Norway


The student ombudsperson can provide advice and give assistance to students wondering what their rights and obligations are in matters concerning their study situation (admission, examination, practice, complaints, learning environment, prosedures, whistleblowing, harrassment etc.). The ombudsperson is autonomous, impartial and confidential.


To contact the student ombudsperson, simply send an e-mail to studentombud@usn.no or call +47 948 15 903.


The student ombudspersons role is to:

• ensure that the students’ rights are safeguarded

• provide advise and give assistance to students when they need assistance in cases related their studies (how to promote their case, file a complaint, what the procedural steps are, etc.)

• ensure a fair and correct case-handling process in student cases