Elin Kjelle

Associate Professor

Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Optometry, Radiography and Lighting Design
Campus Drammen (13011)
I work as an associate professor and researcher in radiography. I teach different subjects in the bachelor program of radiography: contrast media, digital image processing, and quality assurance. My research focus on development of health services within diagnostic imaging.


  • Research
  • Responsible for three subjects in the Bachelor program of Radiography: Digital image processing, Quality assuranse, and contrast media.
  • USN representativ in the joint further education program for reporting radiographers
  • ​Respinsible for supervising students in practical studies
  • Supervisor for bachelor projects


  • Radiographer
  • Radiation protection
  • Quality assurance in radiology
  • Mobile radiography services
  • e-learning and online courses in higher education



  • 08.2015- -> PhD person-centred health care research

  • 08.2013-01.2014 ​Pedagogics for higher education - OsloMet

  • 04.2009 - 11.2011 Master in clinical health care - health care delevopment in medical imaging -  University college of Buskerud

  • 09.2007 - 12.2007 Further education in light and laser treatments-  University college of Buskerud

  • 01.2004 - 06.2006 Managment studies, NKS

  • 10.2005 - 03.2006 Further education in radiation protection, University college of Oslo

  • 08.2000 - 06.2003 Bachelor of Radiography, University college of Oslo


  • 08.2015-07.19 PhD candidate at USN

  • 04.2013 - 06.17 Assistant professor at OsloMet  

  • 01.2005 – 04.2013 Radiation protectiion officer at Vestre viken Hospital Trust

  • 06.2003 - 01.2005 Radiographer, Vestre viken Hospital Trust


Projects and volunteer work

  • 08.2018 - -> Evaluation of reporting radiographers in Norwey (Research project), USN

  • 08.2015- -> Mobile radiography services in nursing homes (PhD project), USN

  • 09.2013 - 06.2018 Developing further education program for reporting radiographers utdanning for beskrivende radiografer, USN

  • 08.2013-08.2013 Optimax summer school of 2013 in Manchester. EURASMUS

  • 05.2013 - 2016 Research groupe in Radforum 

  • 01.2013 - 04.2017 Vice president in Radforum

  • 03.2009 – 04.2013 Super user on Læringsportalen (e-learning), Vestre Viken Hospital trust

  • 11.2008 - 03.2009 Pilot for Læringsportalen in Vestre Viken hospital trust, South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority


J. Tugwell, C. Everton, A. Kingma, D.M. Oomkens, G.A. Pereira, D.B. Pimentinha, C.A.I. Rouiller, S.M. Stensrud, E. Kjelle, J. Jorge, P. Hogg, Increasing source to image distance for AP pelvis imaging – Impact on radiation dose and image quality, Radiography, Volume 20, Issue 4, November 2014, Pages 351-355

Vikestad, Hafskjold, Kjelle, Sebuødegård, & Hofvind. (2017). Radiographers' opinions on radiography research in Norway – A national survey. Radiography, 23(2), 135-140.

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Kjelle, E., Lysdahl, K., Olerud, H., & Myklebust, A. (2018). Managers' experience of success criteria and barriers to implementing mobile radiography services in nursing homes in Norway: A qualitative study. BMC Health Services Research, 18(1), 301.

Kjelle, E., Kleven, L., Olerud, H., & Melberg, HO. (2018). Cost analysis of mobile radiography services for nursing home residents in Southeast Norway. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 2018:1-7.

Kjelle, E., Lysdahl, K., & Olerud, H. (2019). Impact of mobile radiography services in nursing homes on the utilisation of diagnostic imaging procedures BMC Health Services Researchvolume 19 (1) 428. https://doi.org/10.1186/s12913-019-4276-x