Glenn Agung Hole

Associate Professor
Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences
Department of Electrical engineering, Information Technology and Cybernetics
Campus Porsgrunn (B-252)


Glenn Agung Hole stands at the intersection of advanced education and leadership excellence.
His academic portfolio boasts a PhD in Management, specialising in the TIPS methodology Glenn is also the founder of the TIPS Model for Change, a method currently employed by several large enterprises to implement changes and digitalisation. The TIPS methodology, detailed on the website, represents a systematic approach integrating Technology, Intellectual Capital, Processes, and Strategy to drive successful transformations within organisations.


Alongside an MBA—the qualifications were earned in service to Statkraft, Norway's leading company in renewable energy. Further amplifying his expertise, Glenn has procured an Advanced Diploma in Management, a credential he achieved while contributing to the strategic growth of Edda Media AS, now known as Amedia AS. His educational journey also encompasses a Diploma in Supply Chain Management, a critical asset developed during his time with the Norwegian Marketing Board for Fruit and Vegetables, ensuring the efficient movement of fresh produce nationwide.

In the professional arena, Glenn’s trajectory is nothing short of impressive. He has helmed organisations as a CEO, where he adeptly oversaw operations and a workforce of up to 1,800 employees, showcasing his ability to manage and inspire on a grand scale. His role didn’t stop at personnel management; he also led a senior management team of up to twelve specialists, each an expert in their field, reinforcing his reputation as a leader who directs and cultivates a culture of expertise.

Further evidence of his leadership versatility is his successful tenure as a transformation director, where he was at the helm of a Project Management Office of 60 professionals. Here, he demonstrated his proficiency in streamlining and enhancing operations, affirming his status as a master of large-scale management and organisational efficiency. 


Glenn Agung Hole is the epitome of strategic understanding, with a proven track record in leading companies through periods of growth and change. His unique combination of scholarly knowledge and practical experience makes him an invaluable asset to any organisation seeking to navigate the complexities of modern business with skill and vision. 


Glenn's extensive executive experience spans across several industries, reflecting his versatility and strategic vision. As CEO, he has led the charge at Probo Eiendom Invest ASA, Drammen Taxi AS, Muritunet AS, and Fretex Miljø AS, imprinting each with his signature leadership style. Additionally, his expertise has been sought in interim executive roles, including Program Director at National Schoolfruit, Director of the Transformation Office at Orkla, and Transformation Director at Lindorff and Sønnico. 


Further illustrating his influence, Glenn has presided as the chairperson of Virke Health, reinforcing his stature as a seasoned leader capable of steering complex and multifaceted organisations. 


Now, at the age of 47, after 28 years of remarkable accomplishments in the business world, Glenn is redirecting his energy into the academic realm, channelling his passion into innovation, economics, management, and digitalisation. His new mission is to develop future leaders grounded in sustainability. In recent years, Glenn has balanced his time as a part-time associate professor at the University College of Molde, educating students on digital transformation, digital strategy, digital marketing, and change management. His influence as a trailblazer in sustainability, business innovation, and digital transformation.


Glenn's leadership style is transformative, cutting across various industries to foster innovation and reshape business practices. Sustainability for Glenn goes beyond mere theory; it is an earnest commitment that defines his life's work. He is dedicated to cultivating a new cadre of leaders, instilled with a deep-seated value for sustainability, inclusivity, and diversity. Glenn’s impact transcends national boundaries, inspiring leaders worldwide to be conscientious and motivated by sustainable practices. 


Glenn’s exceptional contributions have been recognised with numerous accolades. In 2016, he was listed among Norway's "100 Top Young Leaders." He has also been honoured with the title of Kentucky Colonel by the Governor of Kentucky in August 2023, and in 2020, he received the Knight Grand Cross of the Eagle of Georgia, acknowledging his voluntary contributions and global influence. With a clear and compelling vision, Glenn advocates for a style of leadership that seamlessly integrates innovation with sustainability, fostering a balance between progress and ecological stewardship. 


Now, Glenn is poised to embark on a new venture, eager to educate, mentor, and prepare a new generation of executives to forge a more sustainable future.

Glenns Linkedin profil: Glenn Agung Hole, Ph.D. | LinkedIn


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