Jennifer Duggan

Jennifer Duggan

Associate Professor
Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Languages and Literature Studies
Campus Drammen (5606)
Jennifer is Associate Professor of English, Graduate Cochair for GLU English, and Head of English at campus Drammen. She comes to Norway from Canada and has previously taught English to pre- and in-service teachers at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Oslo Metropolitan University (OsloMet), and Nord University.

She works at the intersections of literary and cultural studies in USN's Department of Languages and Literature. Her research is most interested in how the digital present affects children's and young adult literature, as well as readers' modes of reading, reception of texts, and identity-building practices. In 2022, she was awarded a Teaching Award of Merit.


Jennifer teaches English at both undergraduate and graduate levels with focus on English language learning, literature and culture, children's and youth literatures and media, reader response and reception theory, fandom and popular culture, and critical, literary, and cultural theory. She teaches and supervises within USN's GLU pre-service teacher education integrated master's programs, KfK in-service teacher further education program, the PEDRES/Culture Studies doctoral programs, and Bachelor of Language and Literature program.

Together with Erika Kvistad, she is Project Coordinator of the NOTED project "English Cooperation between USN and York University" (ECUYU), which aims to establish various student and faculty exchange programs between USN and York University in Toronto, Canada.


In the main, Jennifer's research focuses on the reception of children's and young adult texts. She is particularly interested in the queering/transing practices evident in young readers and viewers' transformative readings of popular texts. Along with queer and trans studies, children's/YA literary and cultural studies, fan studies, and posthumanism, her research interests include de-/postcolonial theory, feminist studies, affect studies, narratology, and science and technology studies. She has also published on topics relating to language learning and use, as well as academic and critical literacy.

Jennifer is one of the editors of Jeunesse: Young People, Texts, Cultures, is on the editorial board of MAI: Feminism and Visual Culture, and is a symposium editor and copyeditor for the Organization of Transformative Work's academic journal, Transformative Works and Cultures. She has previously copyedited for Victorian Review: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Victorian Studies.

She holds a PhD from NTNU (Trondheim, Norway), a master's degree from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver, BC, Canada), and a bachelor's degree from the University of Victoria (Victoria, BC, Canada). She was awarded an SSHRC graduate fellowship for her doctoral research and a Joseph Bombardier graduate scholarship for her master's research.




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