Jon Hovland Honerud

Associate Professor

USN School of Business
Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences
Campus Kongsberg (5349)
Jon is associate professor in innovation and management, and USN's representative in the Norwegian Researcher network on innovation in public sector ( He holds a PhD in Sociology, and teaches in master thesis on Innovation and Technology management masters, and Organisation and management in the Business Administration Bachelor. He also teaches digital transformation management in continuing education. Jon startet at the university in 2017, before that he worked as policy officer and senior adviser in Norwegian and European central administration, he also ran a consultancy specialising in evaluations and process support for public administration. He has been involved in major government reform initiatives, and has a burning enthusiasm for adaptable, just, efficient and well run public administration.


  • Innovation and technology master thesis (Kongsberg)
  • Organisation and management; cross campus responsibility (Kongsberg)
  • Digital transformation courses in continuing education (Drammen)


Organisational research and development: National and municipal administration, innovation and entrepreneurship, neo-institutional theory, New Public Governance, Numerization studies, Process- and management support, Service design.

Reserach methods: Content driven qualitative analysis, nVivo and SPSS, evaluation and research design, qualitative interview, vulnerable groups in data collection.

Area interests: Migration, Child care, Welfare services, Entrepreneurship, Central administration, Information security, Digital transformation in relation to work organisation and organisational development