Jörn Klein


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Campus Porsgrunn (K-138B)
I am professor with responsibility for microbiology, epidemiology, and infectious disease control at USN. I have a background as Mphil. in Medical Biology from the University of Tromsø, did my PhD in infectious disease epidemiology at the University of Copenhagen, followed by a postdoc position in microRNA research at NTNU and researcher in high consequence pathogens at NTNU. Since 2015 I am employed at the University of South-Eastern Norway.



Emanating from the 1978 Declaration of Alma Ata, Article VII (4): 
(Primary Health Care) involves, in addition to the health sector, all related sectors and aspects of national and community development, in particular agriculture, animal husbandry, food, industry, education, housing, public works, communications and other sectors; and demands the coordinated efforts of all those sectors;….
To highlight and to demonstrate the importance and the essential requirement for intersectoral coordination and collaboration to achieve the goals of Alma Ata and the “Health for all”-movement is my personal professional goal. 
To reach this goal I wish to bring together Primary Health Care with the OneHealth initiative. The One Health concept recognises the necessity of close collaboration and communication between the various disciplines of human and veterinary medicine, along with associated allied health scientists, and represents a powerful facilitating strategy for “Health for all”, both in the Southern and Northern hemisphere. Among others, nurses, physicians, veterinarians, environmental scientists, public health professionals, wildlife experts and plant pathologists working together will offer extraordinary synergistic advantages whether the health challenges result from emerging infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance, non-communicable disease, nutrition, food safety, natural disasters or climate change. Subsequently, the findings of such collaborations must then be translated to the common people, so that professional results can be applied by the people for improving their own and their communities health. 


Work Experience                     

Professor in Microbiology, Faculty of Health Sciences; Department of Nursing Science, University of Southeast Norway

Associate Professor in Microbiology, Faculty of Health Sciences; Department of Nursing Science, University of Southeast Norway

Member at academic council for infection medicine, infection control and immunology for the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority (Helse Sør-Øst)

Academic responsible for Medical Encyclopedia of Norway

Head of Department, Department of Environmental and Health Studies, Telemark University College

Senior-researcher , Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine 
2011 – 07/2014

Researcher (postdoctoral), Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine 
2008 - 2011

Researcher (PhD student), National Veterinary Institute Denmark, Department of Virology 



Member of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) database for experts

Deputy Member of the Faculty Board and the appointment committee at the Faculty of Medicine (2012-2013)

Lay judge in Telemark District Court (2016-2019), Sør-Trøndelag District Court (2013-2016)



Management training 
BI Norwegian School, Trondheim 
08.2011 to 05.2012

Academic leadership 
09.2011 to 02.2012

Dr.scient (Ph.D.) in Virology 
University of Copenhagen 
2004 -2008

Master of Philosophy in Biomedicine 
University of Tromsø 
2002 -2004

Diplom-Ingenieur (german) in chemistry and biotechnology 
University of Applied Sciences Aachen 

Biological-laboratory-technician (Bioengineering) 
Rheinische Akademie Köln (Germany) 
1992 - 1995


Financing awards 

Research grant from Oslofjordfondet (2017) 600 000 NOK

Research grant from HiT (2016) 70 000 NOK

Research grant from NTNU / LBK (2013) 20 000 NOK

Research funding from NTNU / LBK (2012) 40 000 NOK

Research funding from St. Olav's Hospital (2012) 150 000 NOK

Research Scholarship from the Central Norway 2,750,000 NOK (2012)

Lecture from Norwegian Virological Society (2011) 10 000 NOK

Project Establishment Support (PES) to the 7th Framework 113 000 NOK (2011)  

Project Establishment Support (PES) to the 7th Framework 80 000 NOK (2010)

Functional genomics grant from the Research Council of Norway (100 000 NOK), 2011

Norwegian surveillance system for antibiotic resistance among Microbes-NORM grant 2011 (50 000 NOK)

SOLiD ™ System $ 10K Genome Grant ($ 10,000) from Applied Biosystems Inc.

Research Award from the European Society of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (20 000 Euro)



German (mother tongue), English, Norwegian, Danish



Supervisor for MSc student Emilie Kowalczki ” Adapting to disaster- the effect of climate change on Sami youth wellbeing”, Maastricht university 2016

Supervisor for MSc student Towfiq Rahman Shishir (2013-2014), "Hantaviral hemorhages"

Supervisor for MSc student Saadia Noreen (2012-2013): "Detection of novel viruses"

Supervisor for MSc student Marianne Berdal (2008-2010): "The role of microRNAs in Hantavirus Infections"

Supervisor for medical student Silje Summer Fields (2009-2010): "The role of microRNAs in HIV Infections"

Supervisor for PhD fellow Lene Christin Olsen (2009-2013): "silencing of neuronal stellate cells"

Supervisor for 3 PhD students from Makerere University (Uganda), October-December 2006



Microbiology for Nursing students, USN 2016/2017
Water, Hygiene & Sanitation, USN 2016
Infection Control in Cancer Care, USN, 2016
Infection Control in Intensive Care, USN, 2015
Microbiology at INHM,2015
Virology at NTNU (MOL3020)
Molecular Biology for physicians, 2009 and 2011, the Norwegian Medical Association
Courses in biosecurity at NTNU
Courses in molecular epidemiology for master students at DTU-Vet
Pathobiology courses for veterinarians - virology at the Kgl. Veterinary and Agricultural University in Denmark
Virology course at the University of Tromso, in spring 2004

Course work:    

·         The Challenges of Global Health, 2015, Duke University

·         Health for All Through Primary Health Care, 2015, Johns Hopkins University

·         Design and Interpretation of Clinical Trials, 2014, Johns Hopkins University

·         Environmental Law and Policy, 2014, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

·         Hygenic design, 2014, Wageningen University

·         HACCP, 2013, Wageningen University

·         Good Hygienic Practice (GHP), 2013, Wageningen University

·         Food related Hazards, 2013, Wageningen University

·         BfR-Summer School on Risk Assessment and Risk Communication in Food Safety, German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

·         Emergency preparedness and response & incident and accident investigation, 2013, European Biosafety Association (EBSA)

·         Risk assessment, NTNU/Sintef 2010

·         Universitetspedagogikk, NTNU

·         Radiation safety, NTNU, July 2008

·         Danish Informatics Network in the Agricultural Sciences, “The R system for computational data analysis”, 2005

·         Principles and Methods of Epidemiologic Research, Universitet Oslo, 2005

·         Second European School on Bioinformatics, Radboud University Nijmegen (The Netherlands), 2005

·         FELASA Category C, Tromsø, 2003




Publications and other contributions

International peer-reviewed journals

Sina Salajegheh Tazerji; Phelipe Magalhães Duarte; Parastoo Rahimi; Fatemeh Shahabinejad; Santosh Dhakal; Yashpal Singh Malik; Awad A Shehata; Juan Lama; Jörn Klein; et al..
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Mohammedjud Hassen Ahmed; Adina Demissie Bogale; Mulugeta Hayelom Kalayou; Jorn Klein; Shegaw Anagaw Mengiste; Behanu Fikadie Endehabtu
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National peer-reviewed journals


Effektiv og rimelig påvisning av MRSA og Clostridioides difficile-sporer fra hygienestoler ved hjelp av kontaktagar

Bioingeniøren, 2020-06-19

Klein J.
Sykepleiers rolle i bærekraftig antibiotikabruk
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Tryland M., dasNeves C., Klein J.

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Norsk veterinærtidsskrift, temanummer i 2013


Other journals, reports and book chapters

Klein J., Hering F., Hering U.
Hvordan håndtere eksplantater juridisk korrekt ?

Klein J.

Kappløpet mot de resistente bakteriene; Forskning.no


Klein J.

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Klein, Jörn
Store medisinske leksikon. 03/2019 https://sml.snl.no/virus.

Klein J.
Hvorfor jeg ikke er lærer
Forskerforum 2 • 2019 • side 40

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International conferences

Morten Tryland, Ingebjørg H. Nymo, Javier Sánchez Romano, Torill Mørk, Jörn Klein, Ulrika Rockström
Infectious Disease Outbreak Associated with Supplementary Feeding of Semi-Domesticated Reindeer, 15th Arctic Ungulate Conference, 12-16 August 2019 in Jokkmokk, Sweden

Javier Sánchez Romano, Ingebjørg H. Nymo, Torill Mørk, Jörn Klein, Mikael Leijon, Åsa Hagström, Tomas Jinnerot, Ulrika Rockström, Morten Tryland
Emerging diseases in a changing reindeer herding system, One Arctic - One Health Conference 2019, February 7-9, 2019, Oulu, Finland

H. Costa, J. Klein, E. M. Breines, T. Goldstein, A. Duarte, M. Tryland
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Klein J.
En ny smittevernutdanning
Dansk Selskab for Centralsterilisering og Sygehushygiejne, årsmøde 2018, Nyborg

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3​7th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) - DIOXIN 2017.

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