Karen Stendal

Associate Professor

USN School of Business
Department of Business, Marketing and Law
Campus Ringerike (A 315)


  • Program leader Bachelor IT and Information Systems across three campuses
  • Program coordinator Bachelor IT and Information Systems, Campus Ringerike
  • Program coordinator Master of Management Information Systems, Campus Ringerike
  • Teachning information systems courses
  • Supervision of Bachelor and Master theses
  • Research
  • Member of research group Management Information Systems and Center of Health and Technology




2010-2014      University of Agder, Norway, PhD Information Systems 

2008-2009      University of Agder, Norway, MSc Information Systems
                        3rd and 4th semester at University of Nebraska at Omaha, USA

2000-2003      Agder University College, Norway, Bachelor in IT and Information Systems
                       4th and 5th semester at University of Georgia, USA

Relevant work experience:

2014 – p.t.       University College of Southeast Norway, Associate Professor
2014 – 2014    University of Agder, Associate Professor
2013 – 2014    University of Agder, Assistant Professor
2010 – 2013    Molde University College, Research Fellow





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