Kristin Gregers Eriksen

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Culture, Religion and Social Studies
Campus Drammen (5403)
Ph.D. Research Fellow in Social Studies Education with interest in citizenship, democracy, minorities, indigenous rights and sustainable development. Current research project with working title: "Social Studies as arena for Citizenship. Narratives about the Norwegian Democracy, Norwegianness and Saminess".


  • Democratic Citizenship, International Teacher Education for Primary Schools (ITEPS)
  • Social Studies for teachers, "Competence for quality", Social Studies level 5-10
  • Social Studies for teacher Education level 1-7
  • Supervision of bachelor-/master students in Social Studies education
  • Member of research group MMM


  • Social Studies Teaching and Didactics
  • Citizenship Education
  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Post- and Decolonial Perspectives on Education
  • Indigenous Rights and Philosophies


  • Ph.D. Research Fellow in Social Studies Education, HSN, 2017- (current)
  • Assistant professor in Social Studies, HiT/HBV/HSN (2011- 2017)
  • Advisor, "Nysgjerrigper", Norwegian Research Council (2011)
  • Teacher in primary and secondary schools, Oslo (2006-2011)
  • Journalist, Kaleidoscopet Publishing (2003-2006)


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