Line Joranger


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Health, Social and Welfare Studies
Campus Vestfold (E2-27)
Scholarly interests: •My research is concerned with how one through historical and epistemological analysis can reveal how sociocultural knowledge and individual experiences push us to think along certain lines when it comes to science and psychological phenomena, such as subjectivity. It demonstrat that the biggest threat to truth, concerning psychological knowledge, is exclusive and systematic recognition of a single worldview •In my latest research, I wonder if neuropsychological research is improving our understanding of the brain but worsening our understanding of what it means to be human. •My research encourages openness toward the psychological and historical reality by identifying and putting aside theoretical and ideological prejudgments. In particular, it encourages an ethical recognition of the idea that the fundamental characteristic of being human is to be responsible for others. •My philosophical and historical focus on human being bridges the intellectual thought in contemporary cultural psychology, social psychology, and critical psychology. My research also concerns: •Epistemology, Science, and ethic •Human rights and the power of language and culture •Local and social planning •Michel Foucault •Karl Jaspers Publications:





•PhD  (2015). Department of Psychology, University of Oslo. Thesis: Subjectivity as Science and Experience. An Existential-Phenomenological and Historical Approach to Subjectivity, Objectivity, and Psychology.  Committee: Professor Jaan Valsiner, Clark University, USA, Professor Daniel Robinson, University of Oxford, UK, Professor Siri Erika Gullestad, Department of psychology, University of Oslo.

•Graduate student (PhD) (2008-2012). Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo. Thesis: Mental Illness and Existence.Foucault's 1954 Philosophy and Psychopathology. 

•Master  (2006). Department of Philosophy, Classics, History of Art and Ideas, University of Oslo. Thesis: Machiavelli’s Medical Metaphors. An ABC for sick stats.