Line Sjøtun Helganger

phd candidate

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Languages and Literature Studies
Campus Notodden (B-U24)
I am a PhD-candidate in linguistics and didactics. My fields of research are intonology, pragmatics and the didactics of grammar, and I am especially interested in utterance interpretation. I am specialized in comprehension of verbal irony in adults, and have previously studied the ironical tone of voice from a grammatical perspective. The intonation system is considered an autonomous part of the grammar, similar to other parts of the grammar, e.g., morphology, syntax. The intonation system (i.e., sentence melody) can be described as the distinctive tonal movement in utterances, based on fundamental frequency contours. The intonation functions as a creator of context, and it contributes to disambiguate ambiguous sentences. In my analyses, I use the Trondheim model, a framework developed for analyzing the intonation of (Norwegian) utterances, and for studying the interaction between intonation, syntax and context. In my PhD-project, I study children’s language acquisition, more specifically their intonological and pragmatic language development. By studying children’s production and processing of intonation utterances, we can deepen our knowledge about when and how children acquire the functions of the intonation system.