Marit Gunda Gundersen Engeset

Associate Professor

USN School of Business
Department of Business, Strategy and Political Sciences
Campus Kongsberg (5347)
I am an Associate Professor of Marketing. My research interests are in consumer behavior, focusing on consumer value and consumer creativity. I have had several research projects focusing on the tourism context in cooperation with travel companies in Norway and Canada. My office is in Kongsberg, but I spend much of my time at Campus Ringerike where I teach and advice PhD Students . I teach in programs at bachelor, master, and PhD level in addition to giving lectures and talks to people from industry.


  • Marketing courses at the bachelor program in Business at Campus Kongsberg
  • Consumer behavior at the PhD program in Marketing Management at Campus Ringerike 
  • Member of the program board, PhD Marketing Management
  • Member of the University Board, University College of Southeast Norway



  • Consumer behavior
  • Consumer creativity
  • Customer value




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