Merete Morken Andersen

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Languages and Literature Studies
Campus Vestfold (C3-7)
My academic and research pursuits center on the processes of creative writing and life writing. I am engaged in documenting the creative pathways of artists, theatre practitioners, documentarians, and non-fiction writers, with a particular focus on how experiences from life are woven into new forms of literary and artistic expression. This journey has produced a substantial collection of video and audio content, forming the basis of my exploration into the nexus between lived experience and creativity. In my work, I delve into the emergence of novel expressions and the evolving landscape of creativity in the age of artificial intelligence, framed through the concepts of "deepreal" and "epistemic atrophy." Collaborating with Tonje Bergersen, I am also co-authoring a textbook on academic writing aimed at future educators, intending to navigate the challenges of teaching writing in a digital era, to be published in the fall of 2025. My academic foundation in comparative literature and psychodrama enriches my approach, blending narrative depth with psychological insights. Beyond academia, I am an author, crafting both fiction and non-fiction works. My non-fiction books focus on creativity, writing, and the practice of life writing, offering readers insights into the complexities of creative processes. More about me here: and here:


I teach academic and non fiction writing and literature for teachers, scholars, teaching students and early education students.