Mette Bunting

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Educational Science
Campus Porsgrunn (D-3125)
Mette Bunting is Professor in Educational Science and a leader of the prioritised research mission: Childhood, Belonging and Life skills". She is also the project leader for KAIII Erasmus+ project COSI.ed (2021-2024), an international project with Poland, Portugal, Denmark and Spain. Previously she led, with Geir Moshuus, the research project Youth, Completion and Dropout in Telemark. This research was also connected to the Erasmus+ innovation project "Marginalisation and Co-created Education (MaCE) (20018-2020)which was evaluated as Best Practice. Bunting's current interests are youth research, marginalisation, learning strategies, leadership and inclusive education.

Publications in Cristin