Mirjam Lukasse


Faculty of Health and Social Sciences
Department of Nursing and Health Sciences
Campus Vestfold (C3-63)
Lukasse is professor in Midwifery. She has an international background though her education, work experience and research. Lukasse is involved in core-midwifery research topics such as progress in labor as well as more general topics such as violence against women and children.


  • Teaching masterstudents of midwifery on the following topics: water in labor and birth, pain relief in labor and postpartum, diabetes in pregnancy, cross-cultural communication, postpartum urinary retention, domestic violence, fear of childbirth, how to write a project proposal, and SPSS (data-analysis program).
  • Supervision of masterstudents in midwifery for their thesis
  • Supervision of PhD students
  • Leading research projects


  • teaching  
  • supervision of master and PhD students
  • quantitative research
  • qualitative research
  • mixed methods research
  • systematic and scope review
  • leading research projects 
  • cross-cultural communication


Academic Education

2011                PhD, University of Tromsø (UiT), Norway

1998                MSc in Midwifery, University of Surrey, Guildford, UK

Shorter courses relevant to supervising PhD students after completing PhD

2014                Pedagogics, Oslo and Akershus University College (HiOA)

2011                Summer School on Modern Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Parma, Italy

Clinical Education

2004                Professional supervision in a clinical setting, Diakonhjemmet Høgskole, Oslo

2002                Women’s health and family planning, Oslo

1987                Tropical diseases, Instituut voor Tropische Geneeskunde, Belgium

1984                Midwifery, The Central School of Midwifery, Belfast, UK

1982                Nursing, Ziekenhuis de Goddelijke Voorzienigheid, Sittard, the Netherlands

Academic posts

2016 –               Professor, USN, Campus Vestfold

2015 –               Professor, OsloMet (previously HiOA), Oslo

2014 – 2015       100% Associate Professor, HiOA, Oslo

2012 – 2014       20% Associate Professor, HiOA, Oslo

2011 – 2014       100% Postdoctoral fellow, funded by the Norwegian Research Council

2010 – 2011       30% Project coordinator for EU Daphne project, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

2007 – 2009       20% Project coordinator for EU Daphne project «the Bidens study», NTNU

2007 – 2011       20% Research midwife, Rikshospitalet, Oslo University Hospital (OUS)

2007 – 2010       80% PhD-candidate, University of Tromsø (UiT)

2001 – 2002       50% Research midwife, Aker Universitetssykehus, Oslo

Clinical posts

2003 – 2007       100% Research and teaching midwife, Rikshospitalet, Oslo

2002 – 2003       80% Midwife, ABC, Aker University Hospital, Oslo

2002 – 2003       20% Midwife, Rødeløkka Helsestasjon in Community Antenatal Care, Oslo

2001 – 2002       50% Midwife, ABC, Aker University Hosptial, Oslo

1999 – 2001       100% Midwife, Antenatal ward and ABC, Aker University Hosptial, Oslo

1999 – 1999       100% Midwife, Vest-Agder Sentralsykehus, Kristiansand

1988 – 1997       100% Sister of midwifery, Women’s Christian Hospital, Multan, Pakistan

1987                100% Midwife, Hospital “De Westelijke Mijnstreek”, Sittard, the Netherlands

1984 – 1985       100% Midwife, the Royal Maternity Hospital, Bournemouth, UK

Supervision of PhD candidates

Completed: In 2015, Lena Henriksen (University in Oslo, UiO) Thesis on Sexual Violence Pregnancy and Childbirth, I was main supervisor. In 2016 Dr. Maria Flem Sørbø (NTNU), thesis on Adult Abuse and the Postnatal Period. I was co-supervisor. In 2018 Poonam Rishal (NTNU) Cohort study on interventions in antenatal care to reduce violence in pregnancy in Nepal. Norwegian Research Council (NRC) financed. I was main supervisor. In 2020 Berit Mortensen (UiO) Making Midwifery Matter, investigated the effect of Continuity of Midwifery Care Model in Palestine, NRC financed (GLOBVAC). In 2020 Iren Borgen (OsloMet) Gravid+ RCT study testing an app for women with gestational diabetes, financed by Norwegian Research Council (NRC), I was main supervisor.

Ongoing main supervisor for PhD candidates:

o   Lise Gaudernack (OsloMet), financed by OUS, 50% over 6 years, started May 2016.Study on the use of oxytocin to augment labour.

o   Enid Leren (USN), financed by USN, 100% over 3 years, started March 2018, The PreCare Study – Pre-admission early labour care: An electronic educational intervention to improve early labour care and women’s pre-admission early labour experience: A mixed-methods study

o   Kjersti Engen Marsdal, financed by OsloMetropolitan 60% over 5 years started August 2019, Induction of labour.

Ongoing co-supervisor:

o    Åsa Waldum. Main supervisor Professor Jacobsen. This OUS financed project investigates the used of pudendal analgesia in labour.

o   Eva Marie Flaathen (OsloMet), main supervisor Lena Henriksen, in NFR financed project “Preparing for the Worst” – Promoting Safety behaviors.

 Angeline Elisabeth Styve Einarsen (UiO), main supervisor Dr. Trond Melby"Progress in labour". 


Teaching, examination and supervision of master students and PhD students

Experience of teaching midwifery students, student nurses, post-graduate nurses and other health workers in a wide range of topics at several institutions in Norway, in Pakistan, Ethiopia and Belgium. Teaching at PhD level in research methods for NTNU. Have supervised 15 Master students for their master thesis and been both internal and external examiner for Master thesis’s at OsloMet, UiO and University of Gothenburg. Including master students in my projects has led to 6 publications so far. Have been a member of a examining committee of three PhD midterm evaluations (2014-2017) and opponent for three PhD defences in Sweden (2017-2018), one PhD defence on Island (2020). Have been member of an evaluating committee considering associate professor competence, and PhD candidates’ competence several times.

 Invited talks and oral presentations international and national

Oral presentation at Nordic Midwifery conference, Reykjavik May 2019, at third European Conference on Domestic Violence, Oslo, at the International Conference for Midwives in Toronto, June 2017. Invited to present research at The International Conference of the International Society of Psychosomatic Obstetrics & Gynecology in Malaga (2016), Berlin (2013) and Venice (2010) and the 22nd European Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Tallinn, 2012). I gave an invited talk at the 2nd European Congress on Intrapartum Care (Porto, 2015) on Fear of childbirth. I have presented research at the FIGO World Congress in 2015 (Vancouver) and 2012 (Rome) and at the Nordic Congress for midwives in Copenhagen in 2010.

Presented research and given talks at the yearly national midwifery conference of the Norwegian midwifery association since 2010. In addition, I am a frequent presenter at other seminars and meetings all over Norway. I have had an oral presentation at the Norwegian Perinatal Days most years since 2008.

Administration and leadership

2017 –              Project leader for project “Preparing for the worst” includes PhD student and researcher

2016 –               Project leader for project “Promoting safety behaviors among pregnant women in antenatal care”, financed by ExtraStiftelsen via Norske Kvinners Sanitetsforening (NKS).

2014 – 2019       Project leader project “Prevention of hyperglycaemia in antenatal care using an app”

2013 – 2017       Member of the Board and Associate Editor “Journal of Sexual & Reproductive Health Care”

2011 – 2015       Member of the Ethical Committee of the Norwegian Association of Midwives (Dnj)

2012 – 2013       Leader of the Scientific Committee for the Nordic Midwifery Congress, June 2013

2010 – 2012       Member of the research committee at the Women and Children’s Division, (OUS)

2011 – 2012       Project leader for project funded by Helse Sør-Øst with PhD student Lena Henriksen

2007 – 2011       Project coordinator for an EU-funded European project, Bidens, with 6 participating countries.

Funds and awards

2017     Research funds from the Norwegian Research Council of (NRC) “Preparing for the worst” (project Nr. 260355/H10) (9.325.000 NOK)

2016     Grant from ExtraStiftelsen via NKS for post doctor Lena Henriksen (2.450.000 NOK)

2014     HiOA Research Award and Institution Research Award 2014 (60.000 + 25.000 NOK)

2014     Grant from the Nursing Association for a project on Burnout among midwives (50.000 NOK)

2014     Research funds from the NRC (project Nr. 228517) (6.270.000 NOK), for research project: “Using tailored communication strategies to reduce hyperglycemia in pregnancy.

2012     Helse Sør-Øst, funds for a PhD-student (Henriksen), 3 years (Project No.: 2012010) (2.631.000 NOK)

2011     Personal Postdoctoral project (NRC) (Project No. 204292/H10) (3.258.000 NOK)

International collaboration, work and network

2018 – 2019   Visiting professor at La Trobe University Melbourne, Australia

2012 – 2013  Visiting academic at the National Perinatal Epidemiology Unit, the Medical Sciences Division, University of Oxford, for 10 months: September 2012 - June 2013  

2012 –          Member of the ADVANCE group: research on violence against women

2017 –          Collaboration with Melbourne University, with researchers at the Judith Lumley Centre

2016 – 2018  Collaboration with researchers at Trinity University in Dublin

2012 –          Collaboration with OUS on clinically relevant studies, member of the research group led by Professor and gynecologist Staff (UiO and OUS)


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