Tine Sophie Prøitz


USN School of Business
Department of Business, History and Social Sciences
Campus Vestfold (C3-88)



  • Principal Investigator NRC-research project CLASS-Comparisons of educational leader autonomy in school districts and schools (2021-2025)
  • WP-leader WP5 NRC-research project Renewed perspectives on research use in education (REPOSE) (2020-2023)
  • Project leader for the research based evaluation of the Swedish national initiative for sustainable partnerships in education (2018-2022) (ULF - Utbildning, lärande och forskning)
  • Supervisor for PhD students and master students, lecturer in education policy and education reform
  • Research group leader
  • Organiser and chair of the annual Åsgårdstrand working seminar 
  • Member of the USN research committee (2019-2020)  

Recent research projects

External appontments and activities

  • Member of the NOKUT programme evaluation of teacher education (secondary education) in Norway (2020-2022)
  • Member of the PhD program comittee at Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS) (2020-2024)
  • Government appointed leader of the National advisory council for teacher education (2019-2024)
  • Government appointed member of the Lied-commission (2017-2019) on upper secondary education in Norway
  • Associate editor Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy https://www.tandfonline.com/loi/znst20






Selected articles and book chapters

Prøitz, T. S. Novak, J. & Mausethagen, S. (2022) Representations of student performance data in local education policy. Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability, forthcoming

Dieudé, A. & Prøitz, T. S. (2022) Curriculum policy and instructional planning—Teachers’ autonomy across various school contexts. European Educational Research Journal, forthcoming

Prøitz, T. S. (2022) Peers in Systematic Review: Gatekeeping Understandings of Research in the Field, in Forsberg, E. Geschwind, L. Levander, S. & Wermke, W. (eds.) Peer review in an Era of Evaluation. Springer

Wermke, W. & Prøitz, T. S. (2022) Integration, fragmentation and complexity: governing the teaching profession and the Nordic model. in Larsen, J. E. Schulte, B. & Thue, F. W. (eds.) Schoolteachers and the Nordic Model Comparative and Historical Perspectives, Routledge.

Tine S. Prøitz (2021) Consistency in study programme planning and the complexity of curriculum logics, Teaching in Higher Education, DOI: 10.1080/13562517.2021.1931838

Stenersen, C. & Prøitz, T. S. (2020) Just a buzzword? The use of concepts and ideas in educational governance, Scandinavian Journal of Educational Reseach, forthcoming

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Book chapters

Prøitz, T. S. Wittek, L. & de Lange, T. (2020) Layers of consistency in study programme planning and realization. In Editors: Elken, M., Maassen, P., Nerland, M., Prøitz, T.S., Stensaker, B., Vabø, A. (Eds.) Quality Work in Higher Education Organisational and Pedagogical Dimensions, Higher Education Dynamics, Springer, forthcoming 06.06.20

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Reports 2001-2018 

Prøitz, T. S., Aasen, P., & Barstad, K. (2019). Utbildning, lärande, forskning: en evalueringsstudie-delrapport 1. USN Skriftserie 19/19. Vestfold, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge. http://ulfavtal.se/digitalAssets/709/c_709236-l_3-k_utvardering-praktiknara-forskning_delrapport-2018.pdf

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Forskningsformidling (et utvalg)

2018 Nerland, M. & Prøitz, T. S. Undervisning: Studentene er klare for alternativer til forelesningene https://khrono.no/nso-nifu-nih/undervisning-studentene-er-klare-for-alternativer-til-forelesningene/208427

2017 Tine S. Prøitz: Hva kan økt fokus på læringsutbytte bety for planlegging og gjennomføring av undervisning? Webinar Norsk nettverk for universitets- og høgskolepedagogikk https://usn.instructure.com/courses/12791/modules/items/23475

2017 Hva skal vi med nasjonale prøver i skolen? https://blogg.hioa.no/vitenogsnakkis/2017/08/11/nasjonale-prover-skolen/

2017 Oppfordrer til kritisk blikk på internasjonal skoleforskning, http://forskning.no/2017/06/elevresultater-blir-nyttige-forst-nar-de-settes-i-en-sammenheng/produsert-og-finansiert-av/hogskolen-i-oslo-og-akershus

2016 Samtale med Tine S. Prøitz om læringsutbytte av B. Stensaker https://youtu.be/BdtKWhitDS4

2016 Elever forhandler om bedre karakterer http://forskning.no/samfunn-skole-og-utdanning-sosiologi/2016/11/elever-forhandler-om-bedre-karakterer
2016 Boktips: "Læringsutbytte" av Tine S. Prøitz http://martinjohannessen.blogspot.no/2016/03/boktips-lringsutbytte-av-tine-s-pritz.html

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