Veronika Glitsch

Associate professor

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Traditional Arts and Traditional Music
Campus Rauland (131)
Veronika is responsible for the course "Design, Redesign and Tailoring" at the Department of Traditional Art and Folk Music where she is the main teacher. The course gives 30 credits over 1 academic year. She lectures and supervises the MA program in Traditional Art and the BA program in Folk Art, as well as doing research-related assignments for the department.


Associate Professor "Design, Redesign and Sewing of Clothes"
Lecturer and supervisor at the Master in Traditional Art


PhD Cultur Studies: Fit step in ready-to-wear clothing - Towards a reduction of garment disposal in view of sustainability, University of Southeeastern Norway

MA in Traditional Art: Green Fashion - Everyday clothing for long-term use, Telemark University College

BA in Clothing Design, Oslo Academy of the Arts

BA in Folk Art Textile, Telemark University College

One year program in Design and Sewing of clothes, Oslo University College

One year program in Creative Machine Knitting I and II, Telemark University College

One year program Einar Granum School of Art

Certified Dressmaker and Tailor

Practical Pedagogical Education for Vocational Design and Crafts, OsloMet


Veronika Glitsch has worked with her clothing brand 'Rethink' since 2005 and has prepared 14 independent collections with a total of around 500 unique clothing items. The collections have been shown in galleries and design sales and had several exhibitions, including at Oslo Fashion Week. She works with environmentally friendly materials in the form of organic sfabrics and recycled materials.
Veronika holds courses in Design, Redesign, Pattern construction and tailoring for a number of different course organizers in Norway and Sweden. See more at or @veronikaglitsch


January 2020:

Glitsch, V. S. (2020). Fit step in ready-to-wear clothing - Towards a reduction of garment disposal in view of sustainability. (Doctoral dissertation). University of Southeast Norway, Rauland.

June 2017:

Glitsch, Veronika: ”Fit in ready-to-wear clothing - Why people dispose garments before they are worn out” in Design for a Sustainable Culture Perspectives, Practices and Education (Edited by Astrid Skjerven and Janne Beate Reitan) Routledge. The anthology is part of the series: Routledge Studies in Culture and Sustainable Development (Series Editors: Katriina Soini and Joost Dessein). ISBN: 978-1-138-71490-8 (hbk) ISBN: 978-1-315-22906-5 (ebk)