We use one solution for printing, copying and scanning for both students and staff.

To print at USNs printers, you must have activated your user on and enabled your USN card for printing.
All PCs administered by USN are connected to the printers.

We have our own printer queues for black printing and for color.

Use the printers "Black on" or "Color on" and go to the printer you want to use to retrive the printout.


If you do not want to install our printers on your computer, you can print directly for

  1. Log in to
  2. Click Print from web
  3. Upload the file(s) you want to print
    • You can also change the printsettings (color/black-white, two-sided, size, etc.)
  4. Click PRINT
    (It may take a few minutes before the printer receives the printed file(s))


Install printers

USN printers offer regular scanning (copying) and scanning to e-mail.


  1. Swipe your card over the card reader on the printer to log in
  2. Select Copy on the left side
  3. Insert the sheet(s) either into the feeder at the top (2-sided support) or onto the glassplate (1-sided)
  4. Then press the physical green button

Scan to Email

  1. Swipe your card over the card reader on the printer to log in
  2. Select Scan and Send on the left side
  3. Choose between:
    • Send to Myself if you want the attachment sent to your USN email address. Then press the physical green button.
    • New destination if you want to send to another email address
    1. Press New destination
    2. Click on Email and enter the email address, then click OK
    3. Then press the physical green button

PS! It is possible to select Options (2-sided, file type, b / w / colors, etc.) on both types of scans mentioned above, there will be a button on the screen just before you press the physical green button.

Order scanning at Hustrykkeriet (Article in Norwegian, requires login)

Enable USN-card for printing 
  1. Swipe your USN card over the card reader on the printer
  2. Sign in using your username and password 
  3. Your card is now activated for printing and copying
Add funds to your print account
  1. Open the website
  2. Sign in with username (student number) and password
  3. Tap Recharge Budget and then Recharge Budget again
  4. Select the amount you want to deposit in the account and press Buy
  5. Choose payment method:
    • Visa / Mastercard
      • Fill in the card information for the card you want to use
    • PayPal
      • Log in with your PayPal account to complete the payment
    • Vipps 


(PS! Print quota is non-refundable!)

Frequently Asked Questions

When I swipe my card over the printer it says "Unknown User"

This happens because the printing system does not find your user, you have to fill in your username and password. The print system will then remember you until next time.

See Enable your USN-card for printing.


I can't run the .exe file that connects to the printer on a private Windows PC (Private computers)

This typically happens because your antivirus program thinks that the .exe file is a virus, try disabling your antivirus temporarily.

PS! Also remember to run the .exe file as an administrator.

See Install USN-printers on Windows 


I refilled paper after a paper jam and the printer jobs are gone

In the event of a paper jam, the remaining print will be deleted due to security reasons.

How can I check my print history?

  1. Open the Printer Portal
  2. Select User Name and Password
  3. Enter username and password


How long does the printout stay in the printer queue before it is deleted?

After sending the print job to the printer, either from Windows / Mac or by e-mail, the print job is queued for 72 hours before being deleted, and you may need to resend the print job.


I want to print a PDF, but only get printing with a lot of weird characters

  1. Download the PDF to PC
  2. Open the PDF in a PDF reader (eg Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  3. Click on Print 
Who provides the printing and copying service?

The University of Southeast Norway (USN) provides the printing and copying service.

The university can be contacted at:

Phone: 31 00 80 00


Postal address: University of Southeast Norway, PO Box 4, 3199 Borre

Organization number: 971 770 709

When you use this service, you pay an advance to your print account. When you print or copy, your account will be charged according to how many pages you have printed and whether it is color or black and white.

Contact IT-support at or 31 00 82 00 if you have any questions about printing and printing funds.


31 00 82 00
Send email