What to do if you have changed your SO number or your name

If you changed your SO number (Norwegian national identity number) or your name in The National Population Register it is important that you report this so that the change is registered in USN's IT systems.

Both SAP (payroll system) and FS (professional in FS is the source of the employee user account) are occasionally updated against the National Population Register. However, it only happens a few times a year. When changing the birth number, typically from D-number to regular, Norwegian birth number, the change will not be captured by such update since the birth number is the key when updating name information. Therefore, it is important that you inform us about such changes as soon as possible.

A form has been created where you can securely inform us about such changes. The form is stored in USN's archive system, and it is the Section for Payroll and Personnel Services that ensures that the change is carried out.


keyboard_backspace Sign in and fill out this form if you have changed your name or Norwegian national identity number (Unfortunately only available in Norwegian)