Zoom (web conferences)

Zoom is a high-quality web conference tool that can be used for real-time online courses, online meetings and tutoring. Teachers and students are online and attend the conference at the same time.

USN began trial of Zoom in the fall of 2018 and replaced it with OmniJoin before the fall of 2019. Employees and students at USN have Corporation accounts without time limit for meetings. They can log in via FEIDE (SSO: Single Sign On). After logging in, one can create meetings and integrate them into calendars etc.  

In Zoom, students can follow real-time lectures, seminars and courses with both audio and video. They can also watch learning resources (videos, documents, pictures etc.) shared by the teacher or other students. In addition, students can ask questions through Zoom’s chat feature during the class.  
Students also got access to their own conferences for colloquiums.