Department of Maritime Operations


Department of Maritime Operations

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Study programmes

The department offers bachelor programmes in Shipping and Logistics, Nautical and Marine Engineering, master programmes in Maritime Management and a doctoral degree in Nautical Operations. In addition, the department offers a number of shorter courses.


Through social and working life-integrated research and education, the department wants to contribute to knowledge and competence to solve challenges within the maritime domain.

We wish to meet the challenges with knowledge and expertise that contribute to practical solutions, structural changes and new ways of thinking.

The department will focus on interdisciplinary, practical, profession-oriented and applied research and education.

The department's ambition is to be at the forefront of the research areas in:


We have an extensive collaboration with organizations and institutions within the maritime industry:

  • With the Norwegian Coastal Administration for increased maritime safety
  • MARKOM2020 is a collaboration with all educational institutions in Norway that offer maritime education. The purpose of the collaboration is to deliver maritime education in a class of its own. It was established by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Trade and Industry in 2011.
  • ECOPRODIGI is a collaboration between educational institutions and the maritime industry in the EU and the Baltics on eco-efficiency and digitalisation.
  • Industrial Masters: In collaboration with maritime companies, USN offers an industrial master in Maritime Management, where students get a temporary part-time job with our partners while they study.
  • Bachelor students in practice: Our collaboration with the maritime industry now means that we can offer students with a bachelor's degree in Shipping and logistics practice as part of the study programme.

The department also offers customized courses for the industry, for example Simulator training for seismic operations.

At USN, students and staff can also conduct research and testing in maritime autonomy at Testarena Horten.