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Craft and design Exchange programme

Do you want to foster change and contribute to the development of a sustainable society? This study programme offers you the knowledge and the tools you need.

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How and where classes are offered.

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Expected progress of study. Full time is programmes with full progress of study (60 ECTS credits per academic year, 30 ECTS credits per semester). Part time is programmes with less than full progress of study (less than 60 ECTS credits per academic year, or less than 30 ECTS credits per semester).

Start up
Full time
Autumn 2024
Full time
Autumn 2024

Why choose craft and design?

This semester programme in craft and design offers you a handicraft- and materials-based approach to design. It offers experience in the planning and implementation of a design process from the first idea to the finished product. It gives you the opportunity to develop an awareness of your role and responsibilities when you apply practical handicrafts and materials-based design as a means of fostering change and the development of a sustainable society.

This is what the programme offers

You will choose to study in-depth one or more materials fields such as clay/ceramics, textiles or wood, and go on to develop extensive handicraft skills and a knowledge of materials, tools and techniques. There will opportunities to combine many materials fields, including metals. Exploratory work will enable you to learn to forge connections between form, function and the responsible use of materials.

You will find well-equipped workshops dedicated to materials such as wood, metals, clay and textiles. Different types of project work will challenge you not only to explore the functional, form-related and expressive aspects of handicrafts, but also to develop your own, unique products and forms of expression. You will develop an experience-based awareness of your materials and an ability critically to evaluate and understand your own and others’ roles in fostering sustainable wealth creation as working craftspersons and designers.

Works in clay and ceramics

Student arbeider med krukke

Tre krukker

Tre smultringer

Dame i spagat

Produkter under arbeid

Raku leirekrukker

Utstilling glassgata


Works in textile and textile products

tekstilarbeider kollage

to bluser

jakke tekstil

kolleksjon tekstil

tekstil produkt

produkter i utstilling

kollage jakker og kjole

Studenter arbeider med overdel

studenter arbeider med kjole



Works in wood with metal

tre planlegging


hylle i tre oval


hylle med skuff oval


bord i utstilling

bord laget av Sara

bord laget av Chiharu

bord laget av Lisa



A social student community


The Notodden campus offers a student community imbued with the joys of artistic creation. We have extensive experience in the teaching of all aspects of art and design, and you will meet experienced teachers and researchers who are highly skilled in their respective subjects.


The study programme combines your individual and specialist skills with a campus interplay that merges the various skills of your fellow students, teachers and researchers into one creative community.


The programme is taught entirely on the Notodden campus, where you will have the opportunity to take part in an active, varied and inclusive learning environment.