English requirements for programmes and subjects taught in English

All applicants with high school education from outside the Nordic countries must meet the English requirements to be qualified for admission. There are several ways to do so. ​​​​​​​Some programmes may demand a higher level of English. This will be specified on the programme's web site. For some countries, secondary education may cover the English requirements. Please find your country in the links to the right.


The test cannot be more than two years old, and we must be able to verify it.

Level requirement
6.0 Academic


We accept the TOEFL iBT home edition, but not the TOEFL MyBest score.
When choosing the score recipient, you may enter the institution code for USN: B436. If you have a test already, we may still verify it online. We do not accept tests that cannot be verified. The test cannot be more than two years old.
Level requirement
550 (paper-based)
80 (internet-based)


English from upper secondary school in Norway
140 hours of English at a higher secondary school in Norway, or equivalent education from Norway or one of the other Nordic countries.
Required level
Grade of 4*
English at a higher secondary school level


*A grade of 3 is sufficient if you have a Nordic Bachelor's degree in Engineering, the Sciences or similar.

PTE Academic

Remember to assign the test score to our institution.

Level requirement



MELAB - minimum score 80.

Cambridge ESOL Examinations
Level requirement
First certificate in English with a score of B or better
Certificate in Advanced English with a score of C or better
Certificate of Proficiency with a score of C or better



English B2 OR English B2-C1 University. All TELC certificates on C1 level.

Bachelor or Master degree taught in English from specific countries
A complete Bachelor or Master degree from either:
  • Canada
  • USA
  • Ireland
  • New Zealand
  • Great Britain
  • Australia
  • One of the Nordic countries

Note that the degree must have been physically taught in one of these countries. Proof of English Proficiency certificates issued by your institution will therefore not be sufficient if the degree was not taught in one of the countries listed above.”

A degree in English language and literature

A complete bachelor's or master's degree in the subject of English language and literature.

European  Baccalaureat  (EB)

English as Language 1 and Language 2 with the grade (final mark) 7,5 or better

International  Baccalaureat
  • English A with the grade 3, or
  • English B with the grade 5