How to register for the semester in Studentweb

Semester registration constitutes both the confirmation of your education plan (including signing up for classes and exams) and payment of the semester fee. It is important that you do both in order to keep your right to study at USN and for your student status to be transferred to Lånekassen. 

If you are interrupted in your semester registration, you can continue where you left off later. Just remember to complete the registration within the deadline. You will be notified about the incomplete registration on the front page of Studentweb until it is completed. 

If you experience problems with the semester registration, or the deadline for semester registration has passed, please contact the student advisor for your study programme.

  1. Click Start registration on the front page.
  2. Confirm your Rights and obligations.

    In this first stage you must confirm that you have read and agree to the regulations relating to studies and examinations at USN and the statement. 

    Note: Some study programmes might have other additional regulations that must be confirmed as well.
  3. Confirm your Education plan and sign up for classes and exams for the semester. You do this by clicking Next at the bottom of the page
    Click "Next" to confirm your education plan

    Note: You only need to confirm your plan for one semester at the time.

    Many students will be automatically signed up for courses as part of the confirmation of their education plan, but not all, so always check if you are signed up for the courses you are planning to take this semester. This is important to get access to your timetable and to the course room in Canvas, as well as to the exam. If your education plan has any elective courses this semester, remember to also choose and sign up for these.

    Note: You must choose an elective course before you can sign up for it.
  4. Review the Status and overview for your study.

    If everything is in order for this semester click Next, otherwise click Previous to go back and correct.

    Note: You don't need a complete education plan for later semesters now.
  5. Update your Profile (including contact information).

    As a student, you are responsible for maintaining your contact information and registered consents.

    Note: If you have registered your contact information (private e-mail and mobile phone number) in the Contact and Reservation Register, that is where you must do the update. In Studentweb, you click the green arrows on the Profile page to fetch the updated data.
  6. Click Finalize when you are done
  7. Confirmation

    This last stage confirms that you have completed the first part of the semester registration, and gives you an overview of the courses you are signed up for. Remember that you also must pay the semester fee to complete the semester registration. You create the invoice yourself in Studentweb.

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