Feel free to spend time together, but skip the party!

Studentenes organisasjoner, Studentsamskipnaden (SSN) og Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge går sammen om å oppfordre studentene til å begrense alkoholinntaket, og tillater ikke spontane fester på campus og i studentboligene.
Studentene oppfordres til å begrense alkoholinntaket, og det er ikke tillat med spontane fester på campus og i studentboligene. Det ble bestemt av USN, SSN og studentorganisasjonene i dag. Bildet er fra en tidligere studiestart ved USN.

This week saw the start of studies, with the associated buddy week and social activities. It has been great fun, but the infection control rules have been forgotten a little too often.

USN, SSN and Student Democracy are concerned to see that some students have gathered in groups of more than 20 people and that the mandatory one-metre distancing rule has not been observed. This cannot be permitted in the current situation with an increase in the infection rate.

The buddy boards in Vestfold and Drammen have cancelled their activities. The buddy week is running as planned at other campuses. All buddy boards have invested a lot of effort in their work on infection control measures.

Together, the USN, SSN and Student Democracy have decided that private parties on campus and in student housing are not permitted. This applies across all campuses.

We encourage you to spend time together and get to know one another in groups of up to 20 people while observing the one-metre distance rule, but parties are not permitted.

Inspections on campus will be increased in the coming days.

- We all want to have a safe and enjoyable start to our studies. But most of all, we want an academic year that people are able to attend. If we are unable to comply with the infection control rules now, at the beginning, we could risk a whole new university lockdown, says Director of Academic Affairs, Vibeke Bredahl.

Remember the infection control rules:

  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitiser
  • Observe good coughing hygiene
  • Keep a distance of at least one metre from others
  • Stay home if you feel unwell