USN met industrial partners in Horizon 2020-project

USN staff with partners outside campus Vestfold. Photo
USN staff with partners outside campus Vestfold. From left: Thomas Slagsvold (USN), Helene Karin Mallasvik (Kongsberg Maritime), Terje Heierstad (Kongsberg Digital), Bård Einar Bjørnsen (Kongsberg Maritime), Tone-Merete Hansen (Kongsberg Digital), Salman Nazir (USN), Aud Marit Wahl (NTNU), Mary Anderson-Glenna (USN), Steven Mallam (USN).

USN recently had the privilege to host Norwegian industrial partners for the ENHANCE project in Horizon2020.

– All in all, this meeting was a unique opportunity for Norwegian stakeholders to benefit from knowledge sharing, equalize information and ultimately become fully equipped for the project kick off, says Dr. Salman Nazir (USN) as the appointed project coordinator.
He says the amiable atmosphere and constructive dialogue between Norwegian partners involved in ENHANCE paved the way for higher cooperation, and was an exemplar for the upcoming kick-off meeting in February 2019 with all the beneficiaries,
Representatives from Kongsberg Maritime (KM) and Kongsberg Digital (KDI) alongside the ENHANCE coordinator team from USN gathered together for a one-day meeting at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN). The purpose was to act as a synchronizing session for better understanding of the project, and shared responsibilities among Norwegian partners.
Diverse range of topics from detailed individual Work Packages (WPs) and deliverables to logistics and undertakings were discussed.
Dr. Steven Mallam from USN presented the detailed explanation of individual work packages, and specified the role of industrialpartners (KDI and KM). 
The session continued with Stig-Einar Wiggen, Head of research at Kongsberg Digital and Bård Einar Bjørnsen, Department manager at Kongsberg Maritime, expressing their views regarding secondments plan, foreseeable challenges and innovative solutions to ensure the quality of research outcomes and mutual contribution of industrial partners.
Furthermore, Aud Marit Wahl and Helene Karin Mallasvik, Product managers at Kongsberg Maritime, voiced relevant expectations from ENHANCE, and suggested practical alternatives for better supportive measures. 
Mary Anderson-Glenna from USN’s Department of Research and Internationalisation, Terje Heierstad, VP Business development of Kongsberg Digital and Thomas Slagsvold head of USN’s Research and Innovation Unit were also involved in the group discussions and operational matters.
Finally, the meeting ended with socializing, casual talks and dinner at a restaurant in Tønsberg harbour.

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