About us: The Centre for Women’s, Family and Child Health

The Centre for Women’s, Family and Child Health was formally established at Vestfold University College in 2011, with Professor Elisabeth Severinsson as its enthusiastic leader until 2019. Today the Centre consists of a group of researchers most of whom have a background in nursing and midwifery, but the group also includes members with other health care backgrounds.

The Centre is open to any person involved in research, development and innovation in our research areas. Our current research group numbers 15 people, most of whom are first-level researchers. Both USN staff and external researchers participate in the Centre’s activities and represent different professions.

Research is conducted in collaboration with professional practice and has a person-oriented perspective. The Centre is involved in extensive research activities and is linked to regional, national and international research networks. Researchers at the Centre are actively involved with societal actors and are leaders in profession-oriented and practice-based research in their respective fields.

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