AIM North Symposium 2022 conference - OSLO

AIM North Symposium is a collaboration project initiated and organized by Xplorico and NORA - Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Research Consortium in partnership with Oslo Metropolitan University. 


  • Date:  April 6th, 2022
  • Time:13:00
  • Place: Oslo Metropolitan University
  • Title: How Artificial Intelligence could foster safe drone operations in urban areas (USEPE). 


The talk outlines preliminary results of the USEPE project that aims to explore the use of machine learning to ensure the safe separation of drones operating in an urban environment.

The talk will present the concepts of operations and discuss as well the Ethics of Using AI in the aviation domains

People Involved in the project:

Aurilla AurelieSerkan GüldalRina KomatsuLucía Espinosa Casado and Carlos Capitán Fernández.




About the speakers

Dr. Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen is a Professor at the University of Southeastern Norway since January 2008. She is the co-founder of the research group “ Advanced Cognitive systems and Data Science” ACSAD, Kongsberg, Norway. She is Co-Founder of the Norwegian Network on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, KIRN, Oslo, Norway. She is also the co-founder of the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation (IKI-SEA) South East Asia, Bangkok, Thailand. 

She received her Ph.D. in Automation, from INSA (Institute National des Sciences Appliquées) of Strasbourg, France in 1997. She has several years of combined teaching and researches IT experience from several well-known International institutions. Her academic interests are broad-ranging from real-time systems development to the conception of knowledge systems. She served as an expert evaluator for the European Commission.

Lucía Espinosa Casado is a Mathematical Engineering and Datascience student at the Universidad Europea of Madrid, Spain in her 3rd year. She is working with Aurilla in the USEPE project. She is member of the ACSAD research group.