Advanced Cognitive systems and Data Science

Research group to address social problems based on innovative interdisciplinary approaches.

Our mission is to promote transdisciplinary research and education, by creating new knowledge, and practical and innovative solutions in the fields of health, industry, energy, etc. We define Advanced Cognitive Systems and Data Sciences as the applied research arena encompassing Industrial and Research Projects.


Ongoing project:

Past projects:

Seminars and workshops

Research group members



  • Prof. Dr. Antonio Ramos
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Merivan Şaşmaz
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Serkan Guldal
  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Rina Komatsu
  • Assist. Prof. Haytham Ali
  • Lucia Espinosa  Married
  • Carlos Captain Fernandez

Master Student:

  • Sameed Ahmed.

Former Master Students members:

  • Badis Madani (Kongsberg Maritime)
  • Maged Helmy  (Kontur AS)
  • Trond Rensel
  • Thomas Årstadvold
  • Ana Luisa Antunes Dos Santos N Gaspar
  • By Torkel Bachmann
  • Paul Knutson


For more information please contact 

Aurilla Aurelie Arntzen

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