PhD candidates in Nautical Operations

Candidate Main supervisor Title
Mehdi Poornikoo Professor Kjell Ivar Øvergård Human-Autonomy Teaming in the maritime sector
Atle M. Christiansen Professor Kenn Steger-Jensen Operation science reborn
Amit Sharma Professor Salman Nazir Computer assisted collaborative learning as an intervention in Maritime Education and Training
Sathiya Kumar Renganayagalu Professor Salman Nazir Wearable virtual reality for maritime professional training: technology, applications, methods and limitations
Siv Engen Professor Kristin Falk System architecture and design in subsea industry
Mariia Dushenko Professor Kenn Steger-Jensen Impact of the Digitazation and the Digitalization on Ro-RO Port stays by means of Terminal Modelling and Simulation (DAMOS)
Gertjan Koen van de Merwe Professor Salman Nazir Designing for scalability - operator performance in shore-based control centres for autonomous shipping
Veronica Jaramillo Jimenez Associate professor Hyungju Kim Big data analytics for green ships  
Simen Hjellvik Associate professor Steven Mallam Training transfer with immersive technologies in maritime education
Mari Auby Starup Professor Karina Bakkeløkken Hjelmervik Doctoral Research Fellow in Innovation in Maritime learning and assessment practices; focusing on social interactions in simulator-based learning practices
William Christer Gyldensten Professor Karina Bakkeløkken Hjelmervik Innovation in Maritime learning and assessment practices (Cloud simulations)
Hasan Mahbub Tusher Professor Salman Nazir Effective Utilization of Virtual Reality (VR) Affordances in Maritime Simulator Training

Jørgen Erntsen

(Graduated 2020) 

Professor Salman Nazir Reducing the subjective impact in maritime simulator assessment. A performance assessment tool for maritime pilotage operations

Tae-Eun Kim

(Graduated 2020)

Professor Anne H. Gausdal Maritime safety leadership: A study on leadership behaviours, assessment instrument and future leadership for safety at sea

Marianne Kjørstad

(Graduated 2022)

Professor Kristin Falk Technology with Empathy - Human Systems Engineering Innovation Framework

Karen Vanessa Czachorowski

(Graduated 2022)

Associate professor Ziaul Haque Munim Blockchain Technology Applied to the Maritime Offshore Logistics and operations - Oil and Gas Supply Chain and Logistics Digitalization

Siv Engen

(Graduated 2022)

Professor Kristin Falk System architecture and design in subsea industry