PhD defence: Anirudh Nelabhotla

Anirudh Bhanu Teja Nelabhotla at the University of South-Eastern Norway, Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences (TNM) will be defending his thesis for the degree of philosophiae doctor (PhD). Title of thesis: “Electrochemical Unit Integration with Biogas Production Processes”

27 Mar

Practical information

  • Date: 27. March 2020
  • Time: 09.30 - 14.00
  • Location: Porsgrunn, Auditorium A-271
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    Follow the dissertation live here.
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    Evaluation committee:

    • First opponent: Professor Yujie Feng, Harbin Technological University
    • Second opponent: Dr. Sharon Velasquez, Newcastle University
    • Administrator of the committee and third opponent: Associate professor Joachim Lundberg, USN


    • Principal supervisor: Associate professor Carlos Dinamarca, USN
    • Co-supervisors: Professor Rune Bakke, USN



    09.30: Trial lecture topic: “A state of the art on reaction design (design parameters) and industrial applications”

    12.00: The PhD defense: “Electrochemical Unit Integration with Biogas Production Processes” 

    Link to the defense.

    The event is closed to the public to prevent the spread of coronavirus.


Bioelectrochemical reactor can be used for upgrading biogas that contains 60% methane to 90% methane. This improved methane can be used power more of the buses in Grenland. I have used the wastewater that comes out Karrdalstrand wastewater treatment plant to reduce 20% of COD that usually goes into the fjord. Additionally, methane production is also improved. This is done in laboratory for now, but can be easily scaled to be applied in KRA wihtout modifying the existing plant infrastructure. It can be done with very less electricity requirement. 

The main aim of this technology is to use the electricity from wind and solar power in the rest rest of the world. There have been many reports in recent times that the electricity from wind and solar power are intermittent and unreliable. Sometimes the electricity is wasted due to overproduction and this excess electricity can be used for bioelectrochemical unit integration with biogas production processes.

Option for Ex auditorio:

It is possible to send written questions to the candiate prior to the defense. These must be sebt to the administrator of the evaluation committee Joachim Lundberg: