Study programme and study plan (syllabus)

A programme of study can be described as a unit to which students are admitted for a course or specific programme of study. A programme of study consists of one or more courses. A programme of study is described in a syllabus, and a course is described in a course plan that is based on the syllabus.

As a student you are attached to a programme of study or a course (applies to EVU studies for which credits are not earned). Besides being attached to a programme of study, you are also part of a year group.

Each programme of study has one or more courses for which you will be assessed. If you pass the assessment for a course, you will have passed it and will obtain credits for this. Once you have passed the assessments for all of the courses required under the programme of study, you will have completed the study programme. If the study programme awards a diploma, you will receive a diploma and Diploma Supplement, and if not you will receive a transcript.

Here is a link to all study- and subject plans (syllabuses).