What do I need to know about Examination?

Students are responsible for getting acquainted with our instructions for examination candidates. Please note that students may withdraw from their exams. The deadlines for withdrawal are publicised under your course schedules in StudentWeb.
Examination at USN will be conducted in accordiance with your semester plan.


The students are obligated to acquire knowledge about rules for examination support material and quotations and reference to sources. Cheating is considered a violation of academic credibility. Academic credibility means that the students should be honest when considering if thoughts and reflections are their own, or obtained from other sources.

The following are considered cheating or attempted cheating:

  • Using other examination support material than specified in the course plan.
  • Cooperation with other students, except cooperation specified in the course plan.
  • Plagiarism, copying, quotation from academic text, websites and the student’s own or others’ work without sufficient references.
  • Using already submitted assignments or examinations – both written by the student or other persons.
  • If the answer paper lacks independent reflections, is very similar to other answer papers or obviously is written by someone else.
  • Contributing to cheating or attempted cheating.
  • Compulsory assignments and examinations are considered on equal terms.


How cheating is revealed

  • Cheating and attempted cheating is revealed by the invigilator during the examination, by the examiner when grading the assignment/examination or by the lecturer when the student is submitting an assignment.
  • A text recognition programme is also used for revealing plagiarism in submitted assingments/examinations. The programme compares the students’ assignments/examinations with text on the internet, various databases and other students’ assignments/examinations.



When cheating or attempted cheating is revealed it may have serious consequences for the student.

  • Cheating or attempted cheating may lead to annulment of the examination/assignment and expulsion from the University college and all other Norwegian universities and university colleges for two semesters.
  • The right to annul the examination/assignment does not become statute-barred. Cases regarding cheating or attempted cheating may therefore be reopened later on – also after the student has graduated from the university college.
  • The student will have to return his/hers transcript or diploma when a reopened case leads to a decision about annulment of an examination/assignment.


The University College of Southeast Norway has stipulated procedures when considering suspected cheating. The procedures also give information about the rights for those students suspected of cheating.

The Appeals Committee at The University College of Southeast Norway makes decisions in cases regarding cheating and suspected cheating. The Appeals Committee determines reactions in each case individually.


If you have any questions, please contact Catrine Schøne Brodwall and Synnev Aas Aaby or the examination office