What's the cost of living in Norway?

Norway is a high-cost country. Though USN does not charge tuition fees, it is still quite expensive to get your education in Norway because of high living expenses.

As a student you will need a minimum of approximately NOK 7000-9000 per month in order to cover your basic expenses.

To give you an idea of the living expenses for a student in Norway, we have put together a modest budget for one month (all numbers are approximate):




NOK 3000-6000 NOK (incl. elect./heating)


NOK 2000-3000

Books & Supplies

NOK 500- 3000

Transport (local bus)

NOK 450-500

Bicycle rental (with helmet)

NOK 150


NOK 1000-2000


In addition, all full degree students have to pay semester fee. Exchange students are exempted from paying the semester fee as they will pay to their home institution.


Eating Out

Eating out is quite expensive in Norway compared to other countries.

Main course in a budget restaurant (Chinese or pizza restaurant): NOK 120-200
Main course in a more upmarket restaurant: NOK 200-300
A bottle of beer in a bar: NOK 65-85
A glass of beer (varies between 0.4 and 0.5 l) in a pub/bar: NOK 65-85
A bottle of wine in restaurant: from NOK 350


1l of milk: NOK 15-20
1 l apple juice: NOK 8-25
A loaf of bread: NOK 10-30
A bag of coffee: NOK 25-30
100 grams of ham: NOK 15-30
1 1/2 l of mineral water: NOK 6-25
A bottle of red wine (from the Vinmonopolet): from NOK 95

* Brands like Eldorado, First Price, and Rema1000, usually offers the cheapest choice. 

Discounts can be obtained from providers of these types of goods and services:

- transport companies: express buses and train (VY and Airport Express)
- fitness centres and gyms, outdoor activities (e.g. skiing resorts)
- local cafes and restaurants
- local business community (hairdressers, beauty shops, sports equipment shops, etc.)
- newspaper and magazine subscriptions
- telecommunications services

It's a good idea to always ask if they have a student discount or not.