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What kind of student organizations do you have?

ISU - International Student Union 

ISU is an independent, democratic, non-profit, non-partisan organization run for and by international students. The organization is similar to The student union. You can also become a board member of one of the groups that helps organize the different social activities.

ISU works to:

  • Help international students integrate to life in Norway
  • Represent international students and their rights
  • Organize social events for students on specific campus
  • Promote integration between international and Norwegian students

ISU Drammen     

ISU Kongsberg     

ISU Vestfold     


The Student Union - Studentsamfunnet

The Student Union (Studentsamfunnet) organizes most of the sports and social activities for students. The sports activities vary from soccer, volleyball, shuffleboard, bowling, mountain climbing to swimming and so on. Since the students organize these activities, there are variations from year to year. A membership costs approx. NOK 300/year (NOK 150/semester). The membership gives discounts to activities, trips, concerts and more. You can also become a member of one of the groups that helps organize the different social activities.

SAIH - Solidarity organization and local chapter activists 

"Education for liberation" 

SAIH- SAIH Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund. Currently the USN local chapter is located in Drammen, but students are encouraged to get in touch with SAIH Drammen and expand activities to other campus. The local chapter is fun, creative and social, and a great way to make new friends!  

To find out what is going on at USN: 

Saih Drammen on facebook


Student Democracy 

The Student democracy in South-east Norway (SDSN) represent all students at USN and promotes their scientific, cultural, social and democratic interests. SDSN is the highest student political organ for all campus. 

SDSN works primarily to the University's leadership, advice and control, and to be heard in all matters related to the students at this level. SDSN is also involved at national level and cooperates with other student democracies and various student organizations.

Website in Norwegian

SDSN on facebook


Local Campus democracy

Each campus has their own local student democracy, which is under the umbrella SDSN. 

Contact information to your local campus democracy can be found here (Norwegian).

Campus Drammen also has the following clubs: