Centre for Care Research

Centre for Care Reserach 

Centre for Care Research (CCR) is an interdisciplinary research and competence centre established to collect, produce and disseminate knowledge about care, caring and care work in the municipalities. The centre is a professional meeting place for researchers, teachers and students from different communities to provide new and established knowledge of care both to the research world, the practice field, authorities and society at large. CCR is run as collaboration between University of Southeastern-Norway (USN) and University of Agder (UoA).

The centre has its own academic research leader and is administered by the Faculty of Health and Sport Sciences, University of Agder


CCR have been active in projects in the following topics

  • Self-care Patients in transitions and continuity in patient care
  • Voluntariness in dementia and palliative care
  • Patient safety and quality
  • Preventive home visits and screening
  • Loneliness among home living older people
  • Active care – an educational programme
  • Mental health services in the communities
  • Assessment of care services, patients’ needs and competences in the municipalities