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Campus Ringerike

Students at Hønefoss enjoy a strong student community and a city that loves its students

Academic programmes in Ringerike

The Ringerike campus is just a few minutes from the centre of Hønefoss and is known for its pleasant learning environment.  

When studies start in 2016, there will be 150 new student housing units available on campus. Two wooden blocks of flats for students are being built as sustainable passive buildings, with everything you need to enjoy your life as a student.  

The Ringerike campus is known for its solid team of experts in the fields of finance, management, IT and law, which are also the disciplines with the most academic programmes in Hønefoss. 

The library and the bookstore are situated at the heart of the campus, along with a pleasant student cafeteria. There is also a great sports complex just off campus, with a beach volleyball court, hockey rink and a football stadium. If you want to study at a school where you can enjoy a close relationship with your lecturers and your fellow students, Ringerike is the place for you!