Requirement for police certificate

Students admitted to programmes and courses where there will be practical training involving children and adolescents or in the health- and care sector, must provide a police certificate.

The rules governing the requirement for a police certificate can be found in the University and University College Act section 4-9, and regulations for admission to higher education sections 6-1 to 6-9. The police certificate will show whether you have been given a fine, have been charged, indicted or are convicted of certain types of offences (e.g. sexual abuse, violent crimes or criminal offences related to narcotic substances and drugs).

The police certificate involves a check in respect of the relevant paragraphs of the Penal Code. For the University of Southeastern Norway, the following sections apply:

How to order a police certificate in Norway

You must order a police certificate immediately after you receive an offer of a student place from the University of Southeastern Norway.

The police certificate can  be ordered primarily via the police web site.

In the application, select the category "Students" and then "Purpose" of the certificate:

  • Health- and Social Studies: “Purpose”: Admission - municipal health- and care services "
  • Other courses requiring a police certificate: “Purpose”: Admission - general

When you order a police certificate, you must attach or upload a copy of your offer of admission. A reply receipt and screenshot from StudentWeb are not valid documentation.

When and where should you provide a police certificate?

The police certificate cannot be older than three months. If you receive the police certificate in your digital mailbox, you can forward it to our digital mailbox. You can find this by searching for the University of Southeastern Norway in your digital mailbox. If you receive the police certificate in paper format, you must deliver it physically, in which case it cannot be sent digitally.

The deadline for delivering the police certificate is:

Police certificate without annotation: Police certificate is submitted at the start of studies.

Police certificate with annotation: certificate must be submitted to the University of Southeastern Norway within three weeks from your receipt of an offer of a student place.

A hard copy of a police certificate with annotation should be sent to:

University of South-Eastern Norway
Attn: Admissions
Postboks 4
3199 Borre

How long is the police certificate valid?

The police certificate is valid for the entire study period, but the college may ask to receive new information from the police if it is suspected that you have committed a new offence. This is how a renewed criminal record check is undertaken  in accordance with the Police Registry Act section 43.

Even though you have provided a police certificate previously, you must provide a new certificate on admission to a new course of study.

Consequences of not providing a police certificate

If you do not provide a police certificate, you will not be entitled to participate in clinical studies/practical training/other studies. You will then be unable to complete the study, and will not receive a diploma for a completed degree or course of study.

Consequences of providing a police certificate with annotations

Annotations on the police certificate may result in you not being able to participate in clinical studies or practical training. Police certificates with annotations will be handled by the University's complaints board.