Canvas – USN’s Learning Management System

On Canvas, students will find information from the faculty and course teachers about the courses they are enrolled in, and they can also participate in learning activities, submit assignments, and so on.

Logg inn i Canvas

In order to use Canvas, you will need to register your USN user account.

Canvas is also available as an app for mobile phones and tablets:


Employees have been offered a series of courses and other types of training since spring 2017. This offer continues. Follow up with new courses and offers on your intranet’s calendar (min.usn/my.usn).  

Employees access Canvas through FEIDE. All employees have access to a personal “test room” and a common training room - Canvas 1-2-3 for ansatte (open, when login in employees are given a student role in this room). Moreover, teachers get access to the rooms for their courses. These rooms are automatically imported to Canvas through the student system FS.

Students access Canvas through FEIDE, using their student account. The majority of students will not need training to use Canvas. However, online resources are available (see Canvas student guide here). User support and some training are also offered when the semester starts.


Today's team responsible for Canvas at USN: