Rauland, a place to study filled with passion, inspiration and a unique student community

Karianne Svingen Asphaug. Photo.

At Campus Rauland, the USN student Karianne cultivates her interests, while friendships grow closely across university programmes and school years.

“Campus Rauland is so small that just about every student knows each other. Here you never feel alone. Regardless of whether it is in the cafeteria, in our outdoor space or elsewhere, I can always sit down and chat with those sitting around.

For Karianne Svingen Asphaug, student life at Rauland is something she could never have imagined.

“I realised only after starting here how much it is actually possible to thrive in a school setting and a study environment. I finally get to focus on something that I am truly interested in, and I am surrounded by wonderful people who also pursue their passion. It creates a truly unique and friendly atmosphere.

Semester start at campus Rauland

The first week of your time on Campus Rauland is going to be filled with both academic and social events. Concerts, trivia, guided tours of Vinje municipality and game nights are some of the things that are on the programme. 

My recommendation to those of you who are new students is to participate in everything that is going on. If someone invites you, for instance, to go hiking or to a bonfire night, then do tag along. It's the perfect opportunity to get to know your fellow students, so take advantage of the opportunities.

You will find the programme for the start of studies 2019 on USN.no

Semester start campus Rauland 2018. Photo.

Karianne admits she's a little shy when she meets new people. She remembers the start of her studies as nerve-wracking, but is today very glad that she took chances and joined the social activities.

“I especially remember a barbecue night during the first week. I was nervous about going, but when I got there and started talking to people, I realised that most new students don’t know anyone here beforehand. You will surely discover for yourself that the vast majority are contact seeking and very interested in striking up friendships. 

The older students were good at introducing new students to everyone and the campus. You can count on being well taken care of.

Tojus Carpenter. Photo.

Parties and festivals

Campus Rauland is located at the course and activity centre Raulandsakademiet, and has Telemarkstunet as its nearest neighbour.

“Several buildings have been erected according to old construction practices at the farmyard. Concerts are organised regularly at the building we call Årestoga. It can be our own students who play music, or artists and groups who are here in connection with courses or lectures. At the Gardsjordstoga building we have pub nights, where dance tunes are struck up.”

Many of us are certainly not dancers, but it’s still incredibly fun to be there, because on those evenings almost all the students on the campus show up.

Within the campus you will find various workshops, concert halls, recording studios and of course reading rooms and libraries.

“The creative environment among the students definitely characterises the daily life here. You hear music pretty much every day. We constantly have the pleasure of watching folk music students dance and enjoy the artwork that folk art students exhibit. It’s difficult not to be inspired by studying here.

The Winter Festival at Campus Rauland is also organised every year. This is a folk music and folk art festival that draws national and international artists and performers, and as a student at Rauland you will have an opportunity to help out with putting on the festival.

Active life in Rauland

Although the population of Rauland is relatively small, it does not mean that there is little to do. You are surrounded by beautiful and diverse nature on all sides, offering many outdoor opportunities. Rauland is also the largest ski destination in Telemark with many excellent cross-country skiing trails and downhill ski courses.

“The range of hiking trails and peaks to climb is huge. Students often arrange mountain tours and ski trips for everyone, and in the summer we take canoe trips on Lake Totak, which is right next to the campus. 

Although Rauland cannot offer great city life, they have a village centre, called Krossen, with shops, a café  and pub.

“In addition there is a swimming pool and a fitness centre, and climbing and spinning lessons are organised regularly. In other words, there are no problems being active and staying in shape at Rauland.

Students at Lake Totak. Photo.

Students often get together for board game nights and craft nights either at the campus or at the student housing, so Karianne cannot say that she has been bored much during her first year of study at Rauland.

“There is so much that goes on here that there is no shortage of things to do. After all, you're also going to be studying while you're here, so there is no need worry that you will have little to do. Of course, it may be good to take a quiet evening at the residence hall, but I have learnt that I enjoy myself the most when I’m with my fellow students on a trip, café or whatever it may be.”

Dare to challenge yourself to meet new people and go on trips. If you step out of your comfort zone, I can almost guarantee that you'll get a lot more in return.

Facts about Campus Rauland

Location: Campus Rauland is located in Vinje municipality in Telemark. Vinje has a population of 3,700 inhabitants, while in Krossen, the centre of Rauland, has approximately 500 people. Rauland is popular in winter for people who alpine ski. Here you will find 41 downhill slopes divided among three ski resorts.

Number of students: approx. 115

Did you know?: USN’s Department of Traditional Arts and Traditional Music at Rauland has the national responsibility for higher education within traditional art, folk music and folk art. We also have our own Facebook groups where students on each campus can find and post information about events, flatlets, book sales, co-operations, etc.: Check USN-studenter campus Rauland.

Facts about Karianne

From: Målselv

Studying: Folk music

Best thing about studying at Campus Rauland: “I am part of a very inclusive and diverse student community that consists of great people who are good at coming up with things to do.