Audrey Helen Osler

Professor Emerita
Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Culture, Religion and Social Studies
Campus Drammen (5598)
Audrey Osler is a widely published scholar and writer, with broad transnational experience. She is currently preparing a book for Virago Press entitled 'Where are you from? No, where are you really from?' that examines empire, migration and belonging through the lens of memoir and history. Her research and publications address education, migration, child rights, citizenship, and the role of life histories in research. She has expertise in working for reconciliation in post-conflict settings (e.g. Sri Lanka, Kurdistan-Iraq, Aceh Indonesia, Lebanon, Ethiopia) and has served as visiting professor at the UN-endorsed University for Peace, Costa Rica; the University of Washington, and Utah State University, USA; Beijing Normal University and Hong Kong Education University, China. She has a special interest in children’s democratic participation rights; teachers’ work and citizenship; and race, ethnicity and the experiences of minoritised groups, in both established democracies and post-conflict societies. Audrey is recognised as an Academician of the UK Academy of Social Sciences and played an active role in the launching of the Academy’s Campaign for Social Science. She has a longstanding interest in the relationship between research and public policy development and engages with policymakers at local and national levels (e.g. Union of Education Norway [Utdanningsforbundet] 2019; South Korean Ministry for Gender and Families, 2015; Dutch Ministry of Education 2012; Children’s Commissioner for England, 2012; Westminster parliament 2009). She also engages with international policymakers, giving evidence to UN intergovernmental working groups and serving as an expert since 1992 to the Council of Europe, the European Commission, UNESCO, the Carter Center at Emory University, Atlanta, GA; and the British Council. As well as traditional academic publications (over 100 peer-reviewed articles and 15 books), Audrey has experience of journalism, in national newspapers and for professional associations, and of writing for children and young people. She has given interviews to a variety of broadcast programmes, including BBC Radio 4 Women’s Hour, BBC1 Breakfast, and a range of local radio stations. Her work has been translated into Chinese, French, Japanese, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish, and Ukrainian. Audrey joined University of South-Eastern Norway ( Buskerud University College) in 2010. She was previously Founding Director of the Centre for Citizenship and Human Rights Education (CCHRE) at the University of Leeds (2004-2009). Before this she held a Chair of Education and Director of Research in the School of Education, University of Leicester (1999-04) and a senior lectureship in education at the University of Birmingham (until 1999). Audrey has researched and written extensively on social, ethical, political and policy matters in education. In 2020 she was awarded a Bridge Research Fellowship by the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS), following her 2016 JSPS Research Fellowship. She has ongoing research and writing projects on human rights and the ethics of care; child rights; and citizenship and identity in Japan. Her work has been translated into various languages including French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Norwegian, Slovak, Spanish and Ukrainian. Audrey has experience of supervising PhD students in the UK, Iceland and Norway and has taught a range of Masters and PhD level courses on citizenship, rights, equalities and identities, as well as contributing to research methodology and ethics courses for postgraduate students, and supporting undergraduate programmes in her field. Qualifications PhD Education (Birmingham) Advanced Diploma in Religious Education (Goldsmiths, London) MA MA Education and Local History (Leeds) Post Graduate Certificate in Education with distinction (Leeds) BA (Hons) in History with Sociology (Leeds) Diploma in French (Open) Career recognition Fellow Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (2016) Council of Europe General Rapporteur: Human Rights and Democracy in Action - Looking Ahead Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education Conference 2012. Presidential panel member: American Educational Research Association (San Francisco: 2005; New Orleans: 2011; Chicago: 2015; Washington DC: 2016)



  • Education for democratic citizenship
  • Human rights education
  • Child rights in education
  • Multiculturalism and diversity
  • Post-conflict education
  • Comparative Education 



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