Elin Fjeld

Associate professor
Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences
Department of Electrical engineering, Information Technology and Cybernetics
Campus Porsgrunn (B-237B)


Course responsibilities:

PB2060 Electromagnetism (bachelor)

VE3320 High Voltage Technology (baster)

EPE2416 Physics for Electrical Power Engineering (master)


Work experience:

2017 - today: Asociate Professor, University College of Southeat Norway (USN), Porsgrunn.

2014 - 2017: Post. Doc., University College of Southeast Norway (HSN), Porsgrunn.

2007 - 2008: Researcher, Norwegian Defence and Research Establishment (FFI), Horten.



2014: Ph.D. in Electrical Power Engineering, Telemark University College

2007: M.Sc. in Technology (Applied Physics), NTNU


International work:

2014 - today: Member of Cigré working group A3.36: Application and Benchmark of Multi Physics Simulation and Engineering Tools for Temperature Rise Calculation

2008 - 2014: Member of Cigré working group A3.24: Tools for the Simulation of the Effect of the Internal Arc in Transmission and Distribution Switchgear



Research projects:

2021 - 2024: Fosile free construction sites, cooperation with Skagerak (funding from Enova)

2019 - 2020: Over-temperature and cause of fire in cable distribution cabinets and distribution transformer stations, cooperation with Lede (funding from Oslofjordfondet)

2014 - 2017: Current interruption in air-filled medium voltage load break switches, cooperation with ABB, Sintef, NTNU (funding from NFR)

Publications in Cristin