Erik Andrew Johannessen


Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences
Department of Microsystems
Campus Vestfold (G2-21)


MN-BIO4600 - Introduction to BioMEMS

MN-MEC4000 - Applied Mechanics


Microfabrication: trained in photo and e-beam lithographic processes
Biology: isolation and primary culture of living cells.
Electrochemistry: electrochemical cells and potentiostats
Computer Modelling/Programming: partial differential equation solver
Electronics: analogue circuits design (discrete and IC components)
Instrumentation: autonomous microsystems tailored analysis of vital physiology


My research interests focus on both fundamental and applied aspects of the interactions between nanostructured materials and microsystem technology in order to understand fundamental biology and to produce better bioanalytical measurement devices. The implementation of organic material into solid state electronic circuits and systems utilises the design principles inspired by nature, ranging from molecular recognition involving proteins, to the use of complete self organised microsystems such as pro- and eukaryotic cells. The central theme is to extend the benefits of miniaturisation in a wide variety of biological applications including cell engineering, drug delivery, drug discovery and diagnostics required to develop new platform technologies.