Evi Petersen

Phd candidate

Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Sports, Physical Education and Outdoor Studies
Campus Bø ()
I am a PhD candidate at USN (enrolled in the PhD program: Culture Studies). In my research project, I am working empirically on participants’ emotional and embodied experience that result from engaging in friluftsliv (outdoor activities). My theoretical approach draws from perspective related to Sport Science, Psychology and Culture Studies. I am generally interested in collaborative projects at the interface between physical activity, quality of life & nature environment.









Research assistant at Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, Germany (2015–2017)

Institute of Sport Science, Department of Exercise Physiology


M.A. human movement science - University of Hamburg, Germany (2015)

Main emphasis: Health research

M.A. thesis: "Health-related quality of life in the elderly – the impact of physical activity & green space"

Semester abroad at the University of Vancouver Island, Nanaimo, BC/Canada, Master of Arts Program: Sustainable Leisure Management (2013)


B.A. human movement science (Major), Psychology (Minor) - University of Hamburg, Germany (2011)

B.A. thesis: "Friluftliv – chances and barriers of outdoor therapy in the healthcare system"

Erasmus exchange student at the Universitetet i Agder, Kristiansand/Norway, Bachelor of Arts Program: Friluftsliv (2010)




Articles & book chapters

Rahlf, A. L., Petersen, E., Rehwinkel, D., Zech, A., & Hamacher, D. (2019). Validity and Reliability of an Inertial Sensor-based Knee Proprioception Test in Younger vs. Older Adults. Frontiers in Sports and Active Living, 1, 27. https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fspor.2019.00027/full

Petersen, E., Schoen, G., Liedtke, G., & Zech, A. (2018). Relevance of urban green space for physical activity and health-related quality of life in older adults. Quality in Ageing and Older Adults, 19(3), 158-166.

Petersen, E. & Zech, A. (2016). Einfluss von Spazierengehen auf die gesundheitsbezogene Lebensqualität von Senioren [The Influence of strolling on health related quality of life in the elderly]. Jenaer Beiträge zum Sport, 21, 17-19.

Nehm, A. & Petersen, E. (2014). The Sunshine Coast Trail: Tourism to the Sunshine Coast Region, B.C. In N. Vaugeois (Ed.), Case studies in sustainability in the Sunshine Coast, BC (pp. 40-50). Vancouver Island, BC: World Leisure Centre of Excellence at Vancouver Island University.


Conference Abstracts (peer-reviewed)

Petersen, E. (2019). Being moved in nature - its significance for nature-connectedness and well-being. Emotions 2019: 7th International conference on emotions, well-being, and health, 16.-18.10.2019, Tilburg, Netherlands.

Petersen, E., Tangen, J. O., Schubert, T. (2018). Kama Muta i friluftsliv – emosjoners betydning for velvære og helse. In Forskning i Friluftsliv 2018: Friluftsliv gjennom 150 år. Tønsberg: Norsk Friluftsliv. Access video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7f-Jb-if8s

Petersen, E. & Zech, A. (2018). Older Adults’ Motives and Barriers towards Physical Activity in Urban Green Space & Its Impact on Health-Related Quality of Life. In Book of Abstracts - Sport, Discriminations and Inclusion: Challenges to face. 15th European Association for Sociology of Sport Conference (p. 46). Bordeaux, France: eass.

Petersen, E., Hamacher, D. & Zech, A. (2017). Effekte von Barfußgehen und minimalistischen Schuhen auf die Gangstabilität von älteren Erwachsenen. In A. Schwirtz, F. Mess, Y. Demetriou & V. Senner (Hrsg.), Schriften der Deutschen Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft: Vol. 265. Innovation & Technologie im Sport (S. 67). Hamburg: Feldhaus Ed. Czwalina.

Petersen, E. & Zech, A. (2017). Die Relevanz von naturbezogenen Erholungsräumen für die körperliche Aktivität und die gesundheitsbezogene Lebensqualität von Älteren. In A. Schwirtz, F. Mess, Y. Demetriou & V. Senner (Hrsg.), Schriften der Deutschen Vereinigung für Sportwissenschaft: Vol. 265. Innovation & Technologie im Sport (S. 307). Hamburg: Feldhaus Ed. Czwalina.