Gro Anita Myklevold

Associate Professor
Faculty of Humanities, Sports and Educational Science
Department of Languages and Literature Studies
Campus Vestfold (C3-7)
In December 2022 I defended my PhD-thesis on operationalizations and perceptions of multilingualism, and I am now teaching at the PPU and KfK-courses at USN. I am also doing research on multilingualism, metafiction and use of multi-modal literature in the classroom.


  • Course coordinator for the PPU courses in English and foreign languages
  • Deputy leader for the research group Språkdidaktikk [Language Teaching and Learning]
  • Member of the research group Flerspråklighet, læring og utvikling (FLU)[Multilingualism, learning and development] 
  • Co-editor for special issue on multilingualism for Language Learning Journal (LLJ)


  • PhD in English didactics and multilingualism
  • 11 years of experience in teaching English at the tertiary level
  • 11 years of experience in teaching English and Norwegian at the upper secondary level
  • Visiting scholar at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, in 2017 


  • Myklevold, G.-A. (2023). The pedagogic potential of graphic novels: Empathy and literary awareness in Adrian Tomine's The loneliness of the long-distance cartoonist (2020). In ELLA, vol. 2, nr. 2, art. 9.

  • Myklevold, G.-A. (2022). Multilingualism in mainstream language education in Norway: Perceptions and operationalizations. Doctoral thesis. Published version:

  • Myklevold, G.-A. (2022). Operationalizing multilingualism in a foreign language classroom in Norway: opportunities and challenges. In Dahl, Anne, Krulatz, Anna & Neokleous, Georgios Educational Implications of Classroom-based Research on Teaching Foreign Languages in Multilingual Settings. Bristol: Multilingual Matters

  • Speitz, Heike & Myklevold, Gro-Anita (2022). The Subject of English in LK20: A Catalyst for Multilingual and Intercultural Competence? In Moving English Language Teaching Forward (2022), Magne Dypedahl (Ed.). Cappelen Damm Akademisk. Open Access.

  • Myklevold, Gro-Anita (2021). “That is a big shift for us”: Teachers’ and teacher educators’ perceptions of multilingualism and multilingual operationalizations. In Gargiulo, Marco, Haukås, Åsta & Iørn Korzen (Eds.). Globe: A Journal of Language, Culture, and Communication.

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