Kåre Sandvik

USN School of Business
Department of Business, Marketing and Law
Campus Ringerike (A 434)
Kåre Sandvik is professor in marketing at USN. His research includes areas of market orientation, product innovations, interorganizational and relationships management, distribution and digital channels, scenarios, and marketing finance. Sandvik has published in numerous journals, including the International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Business Research, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Tourism Futures, Journal of Travel Research, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, International Journal of Advertising, Journal of Supply and Purchasing Management, and more. He has won several best overall paper awards, including the 2003 Winter AMA. He was recently the director of a 24 MNOK grant research project, entitled “Developing Sources of Competitive Advantage in the Norwegian Travel Industry”, a unique business performance research project that includes all of the largest companies in the industry. Sandvik has an extensive record of strategy and marketing consulting with leading Northern European companies, many of them within the travel sector.


  • Teaches marketing strategy issues at master level
  • Teaches multivariate methods inkl machine learning at the PhD level
  • Teaches Philosophy of Science at the PhD level



Marketing Management

  • Marketing Strategy and profitable growth
  • Marketing Finance (Return on Marketing)
  • Marketing Relationships incl channels of distribution
  • Digital communication and new technology
  • Scenario Planning
  • Innovation and NPD


Research Methods

  • Survey Research and Field Experiments
  • Big Data-based research
  • Structural Equation Modeling with Mplus (and LISREL)
  • Panel data analysis
  • Philosophy of Science


Industry Monitoring

Travel industry - Accommodations, Transport, Cruise, Distribution, Experiences

Project leader REISEPOL with focus on “Return on Marketing and Digital Channels”, the largest research project in the Norwegian travel industry with a budget of 24 MNOK for 2013-2016. Reports are available at www.reisepol.no  

Reviewer Services

Journal of Tourism Futures

Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management


Ad hoc Reviewer Services

Journal of Marketing

International Journal of Research in Marketing

Journal of Business Research

Cornell Hospitality Quarterly




Dr.Oecon (PhD) in Strategy and Management, specialization in marketing, 1998, Norwegian School of Economics (NHH)

MSc in Business Administration (Marketing) 1991, SLHK 



Professor of Marketing at University College of Southeast Norway (2003-present)

Vice Rector at Buskerud University College (2003-2013)


Board Positions

Driv inkubator AS, Drammen, Chairman 2012-2017

Kunnandi AS, Hønefoss, Chairman, 2014-2016

Sundvolden Hotell AS, Board member 2008-2013

Papirbredden Innovasjon AS, Drammen, Chairman/Vice chairman 2006-2011

Buskerud University College, Vice Chairman 2003-2007

InnoTech (Arena Program, administered by Innovasjon Norge), Board member, 2004-2006:

Safe2bu.com AS, Oslo, Gründer, owner and Board member 2000-2007


Committee Services

Nasjonal forskerskole i bedriftsøkonomi, Board member 2008-2016

National Committee of Marketing (National Council for Higher Education in Business Administration), Chairman 2009-2011

National Council for Higher Education, member of advisory board for joint degree programs and cotutelles, Member 2007

Norgesnettrådet, member of evaluation board for master programs at university colleges without equivalent programs at universities, Member 2001-2003



2003: Best Overall Conference Paper & Best paper in track award at the American Marketing Association’s Winter Conference, Orlando, Florida

2003: Research Excellence Award at Buskerud University College

2002: Education excellence award at Buskerud University College

1998: Best paper award at the National Conference of Business Administration, Bergen.

1996: Best paper award at the European Marketing Academy Conference, Budapest.



Academic Research

The National Cristin database of publications and projects can be found here

The Google Scholar profile can be found here


Selected Books and Reports

Kåre Sandvik (2016): Effektiv organisering av internasjonal profilering og markedsføring av norsk reiseliv» (www.reisepol.no)

Endre Kildal Iversen, Tori Haukland Løge, Erik W. Jakobsen & Kåre Sandvik (2015): Verdiskapingsanalyse av reiselivsnæringen i Norge – utvikling og fremtidspotensial, Menon-rapport, Oslo.

Enger, Anniken, Kåre Sandvik, Erik W. Jakobsen, Endre K Iversen & Julia Loe (2014): Norsk reiselivsnæring 2025 – En scenarioanalyse, Menon-rapport 20/2014, Oslo.

Arnett, Dennis & Kåre Sandvik (2009): Business success factors in the Norwegian geomatics industry, Rapport 69, Høgskolen i Buskerud, Hønefoss.

Gulbrandsen, Boge & Kåre Sandvik (1999): Markedsanalysens bidrag til verdiskapning: Status og videre veivalg for analysebransjen (Eng: The contribution of market research to market strategy decisions), Rapport, Norsk Markedsanalyse Forening, Oslo.

Sandvik, Kåre (1997): Relasjonelle kontrakter i revisjonsbransjen (Eng: Relational contracts in the auditing industry), SNF-report 26/97. Rapport innenfor SNF-prosjekt nr. 6751 ‘Kvalitetsstyring, markeds- og kundetilpasning i tjenestesektoren’, finanisert av NFR.

Publications in Cristin